Rand Paul Asks If He Was 1 of 35,000 Americans Spied On by Obama


Circa reported that Senator Rand Paul requested information on whether the Obama White House or the intelligence community surveilled him. Good question! Imagine if they even went after him?

Paul tweeted, “I have formally requested from the WH and the Intel Committees info on whether I was surveilled by Obama admin and or the Intel community!” Paul said on Twitter.

It follows a recent NSA report stating that the NSA abided by nearly 2,000 requests to unmask names in 2016.

The request also follows an exclusive Circa report on Wednesday that revealed the Obama administration conducted more than 35,000 searches on NSA intercepts seeking information about Americans during the divisive 2016 election year.


Circa has asked the Trump administration declassify the information of the Obama administration’s spying.

“The law makes President Trump the ultimate declassifying authority, and we believe the president can answer many troubling questions by declassifying this information, including how often First Amendment protected professionals had their privacy impacted by NSA intercepts and why some of Trump’s own aides were unmasked in NSA data by the prior White House,” said John Solomon, the chief operating officer of Circa and the author of Wednesday’s story.

The NSA can spy on foreign entities and if they pick up Americans they are supposed to leave them masked.

Since 2011, however, Obama has allowed free-wheeling access because he didn’t give two hoots for Americans’ privacy.

Requests for unmasking tripled under Obama.

Paul addressed the issue in 2013.


  1. This is a key situation. Will Trump react to any of the revelations from the past few months? Time is running out on his credibility. If he does not, given his tough talk and attitude, then he has been compromised.

    • Trump is going to do a lot of things we don’t like but just imagine what it would be like if it were Hillary. I’ll always be glad it’s him as opposed to the Marxist witch. I would have preferred Cruz but I’ll take what I can get. All I wanted was the SCOTUS – all else is gravy.

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