Rand Paul’s Debate Moments


Rand Paul

Rand Paul responded to the bulk collection of metadata in this first clip. He comes in about two-thirds of the way in. He also discusses the Rubio deceit on immigration. He said he is the “weakest of all the candidates on immigration” and he has more “loyalty to Chuck Schumer and the liberals.”


Rand talks about the refugees in this clip and straightens out a misconception in Rubio’s immigration bill.

He also brought up the fact that charity is giving your own money, not giving other peoples’ money.


In this next segment, Paul addresses whether Trump is a serious candidate and focused on the Internet and killing the families of terrorists. If you think you support Donald Trump, think do you believe in the Constitution.

Trump said he’s talking about closing parts of the Internet and infiltrating their Internet.

In the next clip before the debate, Paul rips Rubio who thinks regime change is the way to go. It makes us less safe.

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