Raul Castro’s Commie Daughter Endorses Obama


Visiting from commie Cuba, Mariela Castro Espin, has endorsed Barack Hussein Obama and believes he could do so much more if we weren’t holding him back. On that, we agree.

“As a citizen of the world, I would like him to win,” said Mariela Castro Espin, daughter of Raul Castro, in the exclusive interview, which was conducted Friday in New York. “Given the choices, I prefer Obama.”

She added, “If Obama counted on the full support of the American people, then we can normalize the relationships; we can have better relations than what we had under President Carter.”

Cuban exiles and activists must be thrilled that she was allowed to visit AND to endorse Barack Hussein Obama.

Well, that cinches it for me, if the communist niece of Fidel wants Obama, I know for sure how I’m going to vote.

Why is she even here? Who needs her and her opinion? I fail to see how this will help Barack Hussein Obama.