The entire case can be boiled down to this sentence in the memo: “Furthermore, Deputy Director McCabe testified before the Committee in December 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele Dossier information.”

Our top law enforcement officials LIED to a FISA court for political expediency or they were totally incompetent by not including the dossier funding information.

It is interesting dirty cop Peter Strzok opened the George Papadopoulos investigation. Also interesting is the extreme anti-Trump bias that was obvious and the fact that it was acted upon.

The memo suggests the decisions in the Clinton, Flynn, Trump, Papadopoulos investigations appear to have been driven by bias.

Also interesting is that McCabe, mentioned in the memo, resigned when he had the exact number of vacation days to take him to the retirement date.

Read the 4-page FISA abuse memo. One caveat, the Schiff memo still has to be read.

House Intelligence Committee Releases Memo by Maura on Scribd


Why was the media opposed to the release of this memo? Media are now taking investigative steps they never did before. Rep. DeSantis believes it is because they are invested in the Trump-Russia collusion story for which we still have no evidence.

This is former FBI director James Comey’s response prior to the release.

Carter Page has responded to the released memo by saying “misdeeds have been partially” revealed and it will restore law and order. Page is planning a lawsuit.




  1. Reporters are “suggesting” the Mueller investigation can continue Because it is based on “obstruction of Justice”. Well, OBSTRUCTION of WHAT. This is the same as a cop saying “you are under arrest”, and when you ask, his reply is “for resisting arrest”. And THIS actually works. How is it that circular reasoning can be “justification” for Anything, especially in any legal matter.

    I would wholeheartedly agree this should End, Put A Stop to Mueller. It’s time to tell Mueller to Go Home, and don’t let the door hit you in the tuchas.

  2. So could this be used as proof that Mueller was brought on under false pretenses? as far as obstruction of justice, look no further than the FBI letting Hillary skate away free !!!!

    • We don’t need to prove anything. Mueller is a very conflicted person. Plus he illegally obtained Trump transition documents from the GSA. Any decent AG would remove him. I cannot imagine Rosenstein will be allowed to stay. His replacement is obligated to do the decent thing, remove Mueller, and place some actual restrictions on that investigation. We best assume Sessions does nothing.

  3. JUST IN: Top House, Senate Democrats write letter to Pres. Trump warning that use of the newly-released memo as a pretext to fire either Special Counsel Bob Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could spark a constitutional crisis.

    • Rosenstein must leave immediately. He is at ground zero of fraudulent warrants. If he stays then he & Sessions must be removed.

    • They just may regret forcing That issue. There are some odd developments with Mueller, the Flynn postponement, certain Lawyers for Gates removing themselves with reasons sealed. The more recent Attorney on Mueller’s team who deals with corruption. So, Democrats just may be sealing their OWN fate.

  4. Is Chris Wallace the “idiot” of Fox News. Just like the woman on that panel, Wallace brings up that Carter Page was investigated some four or five years ago. Well, You Idiot Wallace, what happened in that investigation. Nothing.

    Furthermore, if Page WAS a concern by the FBI / DOJ when he went on the Trump team, then it was THEIR OBLIGATION to INFORM Trump of those concerns, and NOT use that as an impetus to begin an Investigation OF Trump.

  5. Let the media and Democrats continue their misinformation and misdirection and Then have Nunes release Even MORE convincing documents. It’s already been reported there is Much More to come, AND there is the IG report to come.

  6. You James Comey Signed FISA Applications Utilizing the Same Dossier you Publically Called ‘Salacious and Unverified in a hearing on capital hill, and you tweet about weasels and liars, I think this memo is just the tip of the iceberg Comey

  7. Comey is up to his eyeballs in corruption! The FISA request would never have been approved if the judge knew the “evidence” was obtained from a foreign spy and paid for by Hillary and the DNC. You want proof of Russian collusion? Well, we just found it!

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