Real Story Out of WI Races Is One People Won’t Want to Hear



The real story out of last night’s races is that a bizarre and aged candidate with past communist affiliations and who admits to being a socialist is preferred by Democrat voters in quite a few states and in Wisconsin. Exit polls show that 65% of Democrats think Sanders’ far-left and outrageous policies are “realistic”. They are “inspired” by him.

The only thing holding Bernie back is the corrupt party apparatus that cooks the books in favor of the machine with super delegates.

It might be too late for any Republican candidate because the country is already well on the path towards socialism. People want their freebies, especially the new Americans who were invited in for the entitlements. They want to be embraced by the benevolent big government who shares everyone’s wealth and protects them. Sacrificing freedom for this foreseeably temporary security is worth the trade off in their view.

In the Fox News exit polls, only 34% of WI Republicans felt the candidates shared their values, 20% felt the candidates tell it like it is, and only 11% say one of the Republican candidates can win. Their overriding concern – by 95% – is the economy. Bill O’Reilly seemed shocked that it was not terrorism but why would it be? Are the terrorists going to blow up their cows?

Bernie Sanders has won six of the last seven states in the race for the Democrat presidential nomination.

WI Dems say by a margin of 57% that they think Clinton is honest and trustworthy while 88% think Sanders is; 51% says Sanders would be better as Commander in Chief. Sanders “inspires” more than Clinton at 59% to 38% and 75% of Democrat voters in WI find Clinton’s policies realistic while 65% find Sanders’ policies realistic.

Another 77% of WI prefer someone with political experience and only 20% want an outsider while 55% of Republicans want a candidate who is an outsider. Democrats also put the economy and jobs at the top of their list of concerns as do Republicans.

Joe Scarborough said on his show that Ted Cruz is a guaranteed loss in the general election and is loathed in DC in a way that Trump isn’t. He will never be the nominee, he continued, Cruz is just being used to get rid of Trump.

This may be true but Donald Trump harmed himself with his recent comments.


The real clear politics averages (see below) have Trump, Cruz and Kasich being demolished by Sanders in the general and losing, by a lesser margin, to Hillary.

Trump’s numbers are worse than Cruz’s and while Kasich’s are better, he loses also plus he can’t win the primary – at least not honestly.

If this is the case, what Republican can beat the socialist or the deceiver who compromised national security for money?

The Washington elites say they are not looking for an establishment candidate, simply one who can win in November. There might not be anyone – who do they have who can win?

The country has been moving left for decades.

They’ve been sold the lie that the government coddling of various groups will go on forever as will the freebies. No one can have their own home, their own fence, their own pool, we must all share with the collective. While they promise to lift up everyone, all but the elite will be dragged down.

This is about sharing, they will say, but sharing is voluntary. There is nothing voluntary about an ideology that takes from one without permission to distribute to another the government deems more worthy.

The socialists in the Democrat party tell people there is a HUGE difference between Democrat Socialism and Socialism when in fact the difference is Democrat Socialism allows a vote – that’s it. It’s what they have in Venezuela which is now sinking into chaos and abysmal poverty.

Socialism is the road to communism and it’s also the euphemistic word communists like George Soros prefer.

Socialists will tell you it will work if it’s done right this time. How many people have to die before they realize it can’t possibly work. It’s an unrealistic system built on theft and government domination over the will of the people.

About 65 million died in China, 20 million in the Soviet Union, 2 million in both North Korea and Cambodia, and millions more dead all over the world.

Bernie isn’t Mao and he’s not Kim Jung Un or even Putin. He believes in Marxism and wealth redistribution, but he wouldn’t want to torture anyone or send out the secret police. He’s not a gulag guy. However, his economic solutions have never worked and when people don’t comply, the government punishments become oppressive like the 16 Attorneys General who currently plan to prosecute companies who don’t say they believe in climate change or how about the threats of imprisonment recently used by the IRS to end political speech the government didn’t like.

We have government agencies writing our laws – that’s not freedom.

Hillary is the same as Bernie, perhaps worse given her dishonesty, but she might not move as quickly.

The political revolution appears to have been won and the idle Congress helped facilitate it which is why people on the right are so angry.

As an “Ideas” piece in Time magazine stated:

There was no way I could be a “serious person” in American political thought and the media if I declared myself or even flirted with being a democratic socialist.

That was before Bernie Sanders.

Whatever the outcome of his presidential nomination bid, I suspect one of the lasting impacts the Sanders campaign will have on American politics and activism is the increasing willingness of political leaders and ordinary Americans to more proudly claim bold left positions. Think of it as freeing your own Bern.

Furthermore, Bernie is the end of Capitalism. If he were a handsome young man running for office like a Barack Obama, he would win and that day is coming – soon.

Our only hope for this election is that the candidate on the GOP side, whoever it is, can unite the party and we need the Democrats stay home.

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