Truth About Gun “Violence”



We need guns and we should all be allowed to carry them – within reason – however we choose to carry them. If nothing else, it levels the playing field between predators and victims. It keeps the government honest which the government certainly doesn’t want.

Guns help keep us free and safe and we need them as long as evil exists

Chicago, one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the nation, doesn’t get attention because they have the strictest of gun laws. The argument against guns isn’t about guns, it’s about control and weakening the populace before government.

Government is a beast whose purpose is to grow.

The solution from the left is to disarm the prey. That should tell people something.

We have some facts about guns and gun deaths from S.A.F.E.’s legislative report and which you might find interesting.

  • There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms. There are 324,059,091 people in this country. That means 0000925% of the population dies from gun related actions.
  • Of that number, 65% of those deaths are by suicide. If they didn’t use a firearm, they would find another way.
  • 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and are justified.
  • 17% are through criminal activity like what we see in Chicagland.
  • 3% are accidental deaths.
  • That brings deaths by gun “violence” to 5,100 people.
  • Of those 480 were in Chicago (9.4%); 344 (6.7%) were in Baltimore; 333 (6.5%) were in Detroit; 119 (2.3%) were in DC (up 54%). All have strict gun laws. That means 25% of all gun crime happens in 4 cities. Their problems are societal.
  • That leaves 3,825 people who died from gun “violence”. That equals 75 deaths per state, though California which is becoming a poor, third world state, had 1,169 while Alabama had 1. California has very strict gun laws while Alabama does not.
  • 5,100 deaths were from gun “violence” but 40,000 died from drug overdoses, 36,000 people died from the flu, 34,000 died in car accidents, and 200,000 did a year because of medical malpractice with another 710,000 dying from heart disease.

The entire gun debate is based on lies.


  1. While the entire anti-gun initiative is built upon lies and deceptions, the goal behind that initiative is as true and ardent as it has ever been. World history is replete with examples of nations whose citizens have first been disarmed, then consumed by oppressive governments who are then free to conduct mass murder of those who “disagree” with them.

    Our Founders had an exemplary understanding of human nature. They well knew how the “human condition” was, and always would be, subject to corruption…and the extent to which power is intoxicating. They minced no words when, regarding our right to bear arms, they stated, “shall not be infringed.”

    This was not to necessarily to protect ourselves from common criminals but, more over, to protect ourselves from government criminality and oppression run amok.

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