Rubber Axes Will Land You In Jail


A woman in Akron, Ohio called 911 in panic as she watched a man walk into a bar with a bloody axe hidden under his trench coat.

Police were immediately dispatched to find locally famous makeup artist, Bill Morrison, with a rubber axe laden with red paint. He explained to the police that it was a prop which he planned to sell.

That should have been the end of it, but the police decided to arrest him instead.

After a night in jail, he said, “It was probably the most horrible night of my life.”

The case had languished in court for more than a month and, worse yet, his hearing was scheduled for January. Fortunately, his lawyer was able to have it dismissed by a judge with some common sense.

Apparently you are not allowed to walk around with rubber axes if they look real. This standard will put a damper on Halloween. If I dress up as a witch, will I be burned at the stake if the costume looks too real? I’m starting to wonder.

The tale of the bloody rubber axe