Rebecca Wax Becomes First Fully Unqualified New York City Firefighter Under Kook Mayor


Rebecca West

Mayor de Blasio has changed the criteria for how graduates are scored to allow women who can’t do the job to be hired. The criteria is now that there is no criteria. They all take the tests but if they fail they can still graduate, especially if they really want the job.

The first woman who has repeatedly failed the physical has now become a firefighter thanks to the no-criteria criteria.

This is life under communism in New York City.

In December of last year, in order to increase the number of women in the fire department, women were no longer required to pass the physical test because it’s too hard for some. That’s communist Mayor de Blasio’s doing.

“It’s a lowering of the standards across the board,” said one former FDNY official familiar with training protocol.

“What needs to matter is how well you perform the tasks of firefighting,” he added. “The question is when you’re 270 pounds and you’re on the fourth floor and someone comes through that window — can they pick you up and drag you out or not?

Rebecca Wax can’t pass the physical for the New York City fire department but she really wants to be a firefighter so they graduated her from the academy. Since communist mayor Bill de Blasio needs more women in the fire department, she is officially a firefighter.

It’s anarchy, there is no other word for it.

She needs to be shunned by the firefighters or they will keep getting these unqualified women who put fellow firefighters in danger and who won’t be able to save lives in way too many cases.

She’s a burden, not a firefighter and she should not take the job. She is on probation for a year but what boss will fire a woman Mayor de Blasio wants?

She did do well on the written test and that should prove helpful when she has to pull a 250 pound man from a burning building. (sarcasm here)

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  1. This is a slap in the face to every member of the FDNY and gives the all the women that actually worked hard and passed their physical portion of the test a bad name. If I lived in the response area of where Rebecca wax works I would be in fear I would probably just move. I feel bad for the good members of the FDNY that unfortunately got her placed on their engine company. Pathetic

  2. I would sue her for PUBLIC ENDANGERMENT and get her arrested for the first fatality that happens on her job.

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