Reciprocal Concealed Carry Permit Across State Lines


How far do you think the second amendment should go? If we believe in the second amendment to the Constitution doesn’t that mean we should be allowed to carry a gun from one state to another?

A pro-gun bill was taken up by the House with the National Rifle Association’s backing which would require state reciprocity of concealed gun carry permits.

One amendment, by a Republican, was accepted which would require a Government Accountability Office study of whether or not state and local law enforcement have the capabilities of determining the validity of out-of-state concealed firearms permits.This is a Trojan Horse in the bill. A year from now, the study will come back stating that the only way to “verify” out-of-state permits is through federally-mandated biometric requirements for concealed firearm permits and Congress “must” create a nationally administered database of all concealed weapon permit holders.

Forty-nine states have concealed carry permits with Illinois and the District of Columbia being the only exceptions.

The bill is popular with Republicans and some Democrats. The Hill reports amendments by six Democrats were rejected.

The bill is certain to pass the House.