Red Diaper Baby Bernie Threatens Sheriff Joe Arpaio


crazy bernie

Bernie Sanders showed his true colors yesterday. He THREATENED Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Bernie is a hate-filled, angry man just like all control freaks who choose statism as their religion. He doesn’t have a clue what the Sheriff does but he doesn’t care because his goals are open borders.

The Sheriff went to speak with Bernie’s wife. It was a perfectly respectful conversation but Bernie was infuriated by it, partly because the truth came out. He also didn’t like the Sheriff – a hated law enforcement officer – talking to his wife.

Bernie lied and said the Sheriff picked on his wife. Sheriff Arpaio walked over to his tent city where she was holding a meeting and told her the truth. He also invited her in to speak to the inmates.

Sanders said the Sheriff crashed her meeting but tent city is his jail and he has every right to go in. “It’s ridiculous”, the Sheriff said. He had finished a press conference and saw her standing at the fence and invited her in.

What does it mean the Sheriff asked, “Watch out Joe?”

What it means Sheriff is he will abuse his power.

This is what we will get from an arrogant, socialist/communist like Bernie — totalitarianism, threats, bullying, and lies. For some reason people think Bernie is honest. A man who gets up before an audience time-and-time again and tells them he’s going to get them jobs but keep the borders open, is inherently dishonest.

Bernie, who tells people he’s going to give them free everything but has no way to pay for it except through $15 trillion in taxes from everyone who brings in a paycheck, is a thief.

Bernie is a very angry totalitarian and his supporters, People4Bernie, are communists who rally outside and disrupt – with other leftists – at Trump’s events. They are dangerous and this movement is dangerous.