Redistricting Republicans & Conservatives Out Of Existence In California

The Gerrymander Whose Intent Is To Take Away Our Vote

Bye, Bye, Cali!  Did you know that there is a California Citizens Redistricting Commission, established to redraw the district lines in California? They came into being so politicians would be left out of the process. So much better, right? NO! It has been taken over by leftists, unions,  illegals, amnesty and open border people (who want to reclaim the Southwest for Mexicans). Their plan is simple – gerrymander Republicans and Conservatives out of voting existence. There is time to protest. The results will not take place until 2021 but the results will be devastating.

Here are the groups training people for the Citizens Redistricting group.

Look Who Is Training People For The “Citizens” Redistricting Commission

This isn’t solely about California. This is about the nation and whether we keep our right to vote. Whether we remain a free nation. Whether we have a two party system and a balanced government. If we lose California, it is the last of the United States and it will only be the beginning. We cannot remain a free nation with state after state becoming statists under the control of leftists and invaders from foreign nations. We are the bastion of freedom and we must fight for it.

Here are some excerpts from California to give you an idea of what is happening to the state: – Forget for a moment about the insanity in local San Diego redistricting.   The odds-makers at the Sacramento Bee (Brown’s Countdown, Day 127. May 16, 2011) say  California’s citizen-run redistricting process will help California Democrats gain a  magic 2/3 majority in both legislative Houses. If the mapping turns out as predicted by the Bee, all the Democrats will need to do in 2012 is defend Democrat-leaning seats and win 1-2 toss-ups per House. These majorities will be the ticket to passing coveted tax increases and a flood of other legislation dear to throbbing Democrats hearts.

Another Sacramento Bee article (Congress Watches California Remapping From Afar. May 16, 2011) states that the Democrats have established the National Democratic Redistricting Trust to raise $12.5 million for a nationwide redistricting litigation effort. What are Republican’s doing about it?  “Nothing,” says Rep. John Campbell, R-Irvine.

The well-funded left, with its politically active “alphabet groups” and network of non-profits joined at the hip to California Democrats, are well-positioned in the redistricting process.  Progressives have been strategizing and organizing for two years, since citizen redistricting was first passed by the electorate in 2008. The left activists, representing a range of minority groups and progressive causes, come out in numbers at the CRC’s public input hearings with well-supported testimonies and maps. They often push for VRA districts, which the Gibson Dunn & Crutcher legal team hired by the Commission may force into the final mapping decisions.

Placing California Republicans in additional peril is the Open Primary system, endorsed by “Republican” Governor Schwarzenegger. According to the Bee, this “top-two” system may bring out influential labor union money in support of Democrats, even in once-exclusive Republican districts. “If you think 2010 was bad,” former Senate Republican leader Jim Brulte tells California Republicans, “just get a load of what’s going to happen in 2012.”

There is little evidence that the California Republican Party—except at the local level —is involved in this critical process, which will affect California’s elections for the next  10 years.  This begs the question:  Do the California Republicans have a political death wish?

Citizens are having problems finding the meetings but the leftists always miraculously find their way: – A citizen has to pick through each meeting notice to find his region  but the notice or agenda is often inaccurate. Example: The May 20 meeting agenda looks like an old agenda from earlier in the process (lists training of Commissioners, hiring of consultants, access to census data, etc.). My written complaint about this resulted in a May 18 update, but the “old” agenda is still there and I can discern no updates. Example: The June 19 notice says that citizens can give testimony before the preliminary maps are drawn, but the preliminary maps will be published June 10, well before the June 19 “testimony” day. This is misleading to the citizens, who will believe they still have time to be heard.

From Coachella Valley: – The agenda of the Imperial Valley contingent seemed to be social engineering based on class warfare.

A former United Farm Workers worker said that Coachella Valley people “… didn’t know of the suffering of the people of Imperial County.”  A doctor who said his parents were migrants and spoke well with an Hispanic accent said, “… we have a health care access crisis… similar poverty rates… etc.” and became teary and choked up about these issues.    A scruffy ex-Cathedral City Councilmember (who kept his party affiliation close to the chest) spoke about geo-morphology, saying… “…. Geography is destiny… we are aligned by ancient geo-morphology that connects our two areas…”  This was passionately disputed (see below).  One speaker who began addressing the the commission in Spanish was quickly able to switch to English when asked.  An LGBT activist also got emotional discussing her “… poor, undocumented caseload… lacking a new AIDS facility [like the one recently built in Palm Springs]…”  The Imperial group repeated a well-crafted  talking point many times, “Our two areas mirror each other.”

The efforts of the Imperial Valley contingent to insert ethnicity, poverty and class-conscious moral arguments into the process were blatant.

From Long Beach: – The Long Beach input hearings were dominated by local residents and constituents of Democrat Congressperson Laura Richardson of CD 37.They consensus was for keeping CD 37 intact and adding the Port of Long Beach with population zero and a huge tax revenue base. The Port, currently a part of Republican Dana Rohrabacher’s 46th district, is attached to Orange County by a one block deep gerrymander on Ocean Boulevard and to Palos Verdes Estates by an equally skinny strip across coastal San Pedro. A high degree of political organization was evident at the hearing.

The history is this: – District 23 in Cali put a weak leftist in power by gerrymandering her district. It woke Conservatives up. The Conservatives were able to make a difference in California by getting propositions on the ballot which kept the crazy spending and controls somewhat in line. Unfortunately, they went to sleep, but the leftists did not. Here is what they did in CD 23-

Making A Lousy Candidate Into A Winner


What can Californians do? Go to your local meetings. Make a difference for California and the rest of the nation. Get the latest information here, complete with calendars for your area. Calendars & Information On The Gerrymandering Of California

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An article from Tony Quinn which explains it clearly: – REDISTRICTING COMMISSION TRIES TO REPEAL ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE

By Tony Quinn

Political Commentator and Former Legislative Staffer

Mon, May 2nd, 2011

In one of its first acts, the new Citizens Redistricting Commission has decided to ignore the United States and California Constitutions by in effect repealing the historical “one person one vote” rule that has been law in America for 47 years.

They did this by telling their staff to draw districts that will clearly violate constitutional population standards.  This is so their final maps can over represent liberal areas of California that are losing population, such as Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and then under represent the more conservative inland areas of California that are growing.

In his famous “one person – one vote” ruling in 1964, Chief Justice Earl Warren said this was unconstitutional.  “Legislators represent people, not trees or acres; legislators are elected by voters, not farms or cities.”  This is the heart of equal representation, districts must be equally populated.  No one questioned this for 47 years until the Commission voted to ignore it last Thursday night.

Save California! Save the United States!