Regardless of Your Views on Israel, This Video Gives a Look Into Obama’s Mind


This must-see video is a very quick 7 minutes.

It gives a look into how Obama has treated our ally, Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, and how he has supported her violent enemies who are also our enemies. These enemies have sworn to destroy not only Israel but the U.S. because they hate our culture, our religion and the freedoms we enjoy.

President Obama’s treatment of Israel continues his odd treatment of our allies and enemies throughout the world. He has turned us upside down and made us pawns of the communist power brokers in the U.N. while insulting and endangering our allies such as Poland.

When I read the comments on You Tube that people posted below the video, I was amazed.

I found not one factual flaw in this video, but the bloggers, probably paid or just dedicated Islamists, claimed it was all non-factual. I can only assume the anti-semites and Islamists are ready to counter anything posted by the DHF Center.

I find that very concerning.