Reid and Obama’s ACORN – the Means Justifies Their Ends


“That’s 48 percent of those forms that I believe are clearly fraudulent,” Larry Lomax, the Clark County registrar of voters

Nevada does not use voter ID. Harry Reid, the moral Morman (that’s a joke) assures us it is not needed. ACORN, Obama’s former employer and a favored community organizing group, faced class E felony charges in Nevada for voter fraud.

In 2008, ACORN forced employees into writing fraudulent voter applications as a condition of their continued employment. ACORN canvassers had to gather at least 20 voter registrations a day to keep their jobs. If they got more, they earned an extra $5 per shift. They were under pressure to turn in fake names and phony addresses to keep their jobs. They even used the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys to meet their quotas.

When ACORN was caught they were “appalled at the political grandstanding.” Great talking point from the Alinsky-ites who think the end justifies the means. Almost half of the forms they turned in were fraudulent and those are the ones they found.

ACORN said they are working for the community and they’ve had bad publicity before and the community will come to their defense. Sad if that is true. They did plead guilty.

Last August, ACORN was slapped with the maximum fine of $5000 by the judge who said if a person instead of a corporation was standing before him the sentence would have been 10 years.

By November, the case was appealed to the Nevada state court because ACORN is challenging the law! Las Vegas Review

That particular ACORN group in Nevada is part of Project Vote. They closed their doors but they merely have to open under a new name or attach themselves to Project Vote.

Back to the moral Morman, Harry Reid, who likes to tout his wonderful ethical system just as Nancy Pelosi brags about being a good Catholic even though she believes in abortion. Even though he knew, as we all knew, that ACORN was corrupt, when the U.S. Senate voted 83-7 to stop federal funding to ACORN, Reid refused to hold a hearing on ACORN’s activities. Even when they were found to be engaged in underage prostitution, Reid said such an investigation would be an unnecessary distraction.

Reid told Sen. David Vitter of La. that his call for an ACORN investigation was partisan. Click here for more information about the not-very-moral Morman.

Reid has received campaign donations from ACORN and SEIU of about $50,000.