Divide and Conquer Reid Leaks Boehner Emails



Photo of St. Harry Reid

Harry Reid’s office has leaked emails between his Chief of Staff and John Boehner’s Chief of Staff which appear to show that Boehner colluded in secret with Reid to win back healthcare subsidies for members of Congress and congressional staffers in a move that is meant to divide and embarrass the Republican Party while damaging John Boehner at the same time.

The emails were given to Obama’s mouthpiece, Politico.

Harry Reid is eager to destroy Republicans before the 2014 election.

Boehner has now come out in favor of ending subsidies for members of Congress and Reid could be looking for a little payback.

These emails shouldn’t come as a surprise. Politico said Boehner was working with Reid on this in April.. This isn’t new information. The only thing new is the leaked communications. Politico ran the story on April 24th of this year.

Boehner never intended to pass a legislative fix, however, a fix did come through the Office of Personnel Management, which is Obama. Boehner’s spokesman, Michael Steele, affirmed that Boehner was not going for legislation on the matter after the article was published.

Boehner has an impossible job right now and Reid just made it a whole lot more difficult. I hope the Conservatives I admire don’t let Reid win. It would be great if they all came out in support of Boehner and handled his possible lapse privately.

In a statement to National Review Online, Reid’s aide, David Krone, the man behind the idea, sanctimoniously  defended himself: “Every time one of these anonymous Republican aides takes a look at their paycheck, I hope they remember it was Harry Reid who protected their employer contribution.”

My hope is the public will remember Reid’s serpentine dealings as a partisan hack. He has the gall to call Republican’s Anarchists and extremists. He is trying to blow up a political party in a country with a two-party system and he will go to any extreme to do it. People don’t release private communications in DC. This is a new low, even for DC.

Many in Washington are saying no one on either side of the aisle will be able to work with Krone again. The blame needs to be placed on Reid, not Krone.  Reid is the one who doesn’t want to talk with Republicans. He only wants to dictate.

Leaking this kind of communication is unethical and what it really shows is that Harry Reid operates on the basest of ethical levels. Reid sees the danger of Boehner working with Conservatives and he sees this as an opportunity to destroy Boehner’s influence.