Reid Poised to Use His Pen and Phone on Senate Rules Affecting Legislation



Harry Reid has a pen and a phone which he might use to once again change Senate rules affecting all nominees and even legislation.

Far-left groups, including communist front organizations, are demanding that Harry Reid go further with his nuclear option so the minority Republican party in the Senate is silenced on all Obama nominees and on legislation. They want “reforms” passed unobstructed.

These groups pushing for this are members of Fix the Senate Now.

On their website, in an article titled “What’s Broken,” they state this: “Until 60 votes is no longer the default threshold for every order of Senate business; until the plague of federal judicial vacancies is resolved; and until the Senate raises the costs of obstruction to make gridlock for gridlock’s sake a less viable strategy, we will continue to work to fix the broken Senate.” [Emphasis mine]

The judicial nominees Mr. Obama wants pushed through are not all filling vacancies, they are added positions for far-left judges who will turn around and use the US District Courts to fulfill the Obama agenda, giving him unprecedented power.

This amounts to a coup of sorts but it will go unnoticed, in part, thanks to the biased media.

The kinds of “reforms” they demand are:

  • Extreme energy and climate legislation,
  • the Employee Free Choice Act – ending the secret ballot in union elections,
  • the DISCLOSE Act – which is meant to take the meat out of the SCOTUS Citizens United – third party donors would have to reveal the names of donors [Democrats don’t care what SCOTUS has decided],
  • gun background checks,
  • the Paycheck Fairness Act which would greatly increase lawsuits, continuation of the endless jobless benefits encouraging unemployment [the recession has been over for 4 years],
  • and the Bring Jobs Home Act which actually made drastic changes to tax policy.

According to the hill, “Reid is not afraid to go further and considers reform this year a real possibility,” said a senior Senate Democratic aide.

Reid is probably in regular communication with this group.

The group is concerned that Republicans will win the Senate and they want to get as many of their nominees and reforms through as possible before November.

Far-Left Member Groups of “Fix the Senate Now”

Alliance for Justice
American Sustainable Business Council Americans for Democratic Action BlueGreen Alliance
Campaign for America’s Future Clean Water Action
Common Cause
Credo Action
Daily Kos
Democracy 21
DREAM Action Coalition
Fair Share Alliance
Feminist Majority
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Jobs with Justice/American Rights at Work League of Conservation Voters
National Association of Letter Carriers National Council of Women’s Organizations Natural Resources Defense Council
Progressive Congress
Public Campaign
Public Citizen
Rebuild the Dream (Communist Van Jones’ group)
Sierra Club
The Shalom Center
United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters UNITE HERE
Utility Workers Union of America
Voices for Progress
Woman’s National Democratic Club
Women’s Research and Education Institute
Working Families (communists, ACORN)