Reid’s Anti-Gun Legislation Fails in the Senate



The national gun bill, including the Toomey-Manchin compromise, has died in the Senate. Five Democrats voted against the anti-gun bill.

President Obama was angry and attacked his opponents viciously during his speech after the vote today. Obama thinks it’s a tragedy that this worthless demagogued bill didn’t pass.

How long before Harry Reid changes Senate rules or Barack Obama passes a rule or Executive Order to overrule the Senate?

The bill would have done nothing to stop criminals and the mentally ill from owning guns. This bill would have done nothing to stop Newtown.

Harry Reid on Wednesday called the gun bill, the ANTI-GUN LEGISLATION. [washingtontimes] How revealing! I thought he was the pro-gun guy? He wooed the NRA to get re-elected.

In the end, Reid did vote against the gun bill but only so he could bring it back to the floor. The left will not stop until legal gun owners have their rights infringed.

A recent poll found that 5% of the people think gun control is an important issue.

A policeone survey of 15,000 NY police had the following results: 53% believe tougher laws would deter crime, 70% do not believe a national database will help, more than 91% believe in concealed carry, almost 55% believe that armed citizens will deter crime, 80% said that legally-armed citizens would have stopped Newtown, 76% believe teachers should be armed, and almost 68% said the magazine limits would negatively affect them in doing their jobs.

New York has just passed an extreme gun bill (SAFE Act) and it’s a good barometer of where the left wants to take the nation. New Yorkers already had their rights infringed before the bill passed. New Yorkers can’t really defend themselves with a gun.

The Albany Police Officers Union, local 2841, Council 82 has sent a formal letter to Andrew Cuomo and the NYS political leaders asking for the repeal of the SAFE Act. They believe it violates the constitution and it places undue burdens of law-abiding citizens while not deterring criminals or mentally ill individuals. They added that it circumvents the rights of citizens to voice their concerns about the bill and have them addressed.

They applauded the efforts to keep us safe but said the SAFE Act will not do that.

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