Reject – Obama’s Summit Turned Into A Defeat for His Foreign Policy


The White House’s major summit was supposed to celebrate 70 years of good relations with Saudi Arabia and to gather countries to discuss containing Iran. Only the leaders of Qatar – a nation that sponsors terrorism – and dependent Kuwait are attending. All others are sending junior players.

Harvard professor at the Kennedy School of Government and former ambassador Nicholas Burns said that this was a rejection of Obama’s foreign policy.

The fact that the kings of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain aren’t coming though they were supposed to as late as last Friday, “is a defeat for the White House and for his foreign policy. You can’t see it any other way,” Professor Burns said.


Check this out. Andrea Mitchell says there is no other way to read it. “It’s so in your face…I don’t see any way they can spin it,” she said.

Still the White House spun it for the uninformed voters.