Rejection Friday Brings Out Obama-Backed Islamists


Morsi supporters

Photo of Morsi supporters with some women completely covered except for slits for the eyes

Obama-backed Brotherhood members and radical Islamists took to the streets in the tens of thousands on “rejection Friday.”

Hundreds of Islamist pro-Morsi protesters marched on Republican Guard headquarters chanting, “After sunset, President Morsi will be back in the palace.”

The incident which began with a Morsi sign being hung twice on the guard’s headquarters followed by guards shooting into the crowd, ended in protesters stoning the guards and guards firing back with volleys of tear gas. It is believed that Morsi is being held at this location.

A violent Islamic militant attack came at about the same time in the Sinai Peninsula, which is held by radical Islamists. The Islamists launched a coordinated attack with rockets, rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft guns on the airport of el-Arish, the camp in Rafah on the border of Gaza, and five other military and police posts.

The Brotherhood had called for the protests, claiming they wanted the “protests” to be peaceful.

A top military commander, Gen. Ahmed Wasfi is calling it a “war on terrorism.”

The Egyptian military arrested General Guide Mohammed Badie and there is an arrest warrant for Khairat el-Shater, a guide and the most powerful Brotherhood figure. It is believed that Badie and el-Shater were the power behind Morsi.

Other key Brotherhood figures have been arrested and arrest warrants are out for more than 200 Brotherhood officials. The military also closed its TV station Misr25, its newspaper, and three other Islamist television stations.

Islamists see the ouster as a conspiracy; the Brotherhood vows to put Morsi back into power as the duly-elected democratic leader; and the military backers say Morsi squandered his “democracy” by assuming a dictatorial role. Islamists have become very powerful under Morsi as he filled the seats of power with the Brotherhood and radical Islamists.

Egyptians are attempting  to rid their government of the Muslim Brotherhood while the United States has employed them in the highest levels of government and even invited them to the White House to meet with senior officials. How ironic.

Misr25 TV, shut down by the Egyptian military this past weekend, is Islamist and there is nothing democratic about their intent. In the following clip translated by MEMRI TV, Morsi reveals his true intent for the “democracy” that Obama supported prior to Morsi’s election last year.

No matter what the text of the Constitution, it will reflect the Shari’ah, he said. “The Koran is and will continue to be our Constitution,” Morsi raged. “Jihad is our way. And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.”

The United States under the leadership of Barack Obama backed Islamo-Fascist Mohammed Morsi. Obama continues to say that he is deeply concerned that the democratically-elected leader – Mohammed Morsi – was ousted, despite the fact that Morsi behaved like a dictator. Islamists have in the past used democratic elections to win elections and follow up by installing a dictatorship.

The danger of a civil war looms large.

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