Religion And Women’s Rights In Afghanistan, Post Taliban

Afghan Women, the Blue Scarves Represent Justice

The last Christian Church in Afghanistan was razed in March, 2010. According to the state department, there is not a single Christian Church or a Christian school. After ten years, $440 billion dollars, and 1700 deceased military, religious freedom in Afghanistan is non-existent. Read here: CNS News. In a previous article, I pointed out that there is only one Jew living in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, violence against women continues. The women are often tortured by their husbands on a daily basis. Many have resorted to self-immolation to escape the violence. Read here: CBC News

Karzai, in a bow to Islamists, rushed through horrendous legislation in 2009, which legalizes rape in marriage and worse.

In a massive blow for women’s rights, the new Shia Family Law negates the need for sexual consent between married couples, tacitly approves child marriage and restricts a woman’s right to leave the home, according to UN papers seen by The Independent.

“It is one of the worst bills passed by the parliament this century,” fumed Shinkai Karokhail, a woman MP who campaigned against the legislation. “It is totally against women’s rights. This law makes women more vulnerable.”

The law regulates personal matters like marriage, divorce, inheritance and sexual relations among Afghanistan’s minority Shia community. “It’s about votes,” Ms Karokhail added. “Karzai is in a hurry to appease the Shia because the elections are on the way.”

Since the law was passed, outrage from the International community has led to some changes: The age of marriage for women has been changed from nine years old to sixteen. The age at which a mother can keep custody of her daughter after a divorce was raised from seven to nine years old.  The law’s stipulation for temporary marriages has been removed. Another amendment from the first draft is reported that a woman could leave the house without a male relative escort if she were to go to work, school or for medical treatment.