Religious Freedom, And Health Care Surprises

February 23, 2012


President Obama’s clumsy backtracking on the issue of religious freedom has not put this explosive issue to rest.  His shell game mandating insurance companies, rather than the church, pay for the pills and procedures of employees was exposed.

Premiums covering contraception, sterilization, and abortion inducing drugs would still be paid by the church.  Rather than bury the story,

Mr. Obama’s transparent ploy has  shone more, unflattering light on an unpopular health care law, and it’s threat to First Amendment rights.

The unsettling spectacle of our chief executive making his king-like decree, based on 2,500 pages of a mostly unread statute, raises a question.  How many more dark surprises lurk within his majesty’s document?  Here are just three.

1) A president is not the only federal official who has the power to “divine” certain mandates.  The ironically named Affordable Care Act mentions, more than 1,000 times, the “Secretary of Health and Human Services shall….”  Shall what?  Shall make policy with the force of law regarding your well being.  Did you wonder why Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was the point person on all this?  Because this wholly unelected bureaucrat has been bestowed that special privilege of limiting your free will and health choices as she sees fit.

2) Seniors are in for a very rude awakening.  ObamaCare cuts $575 billion dollars from Medicare.  After the law passed the program’s actuaries, predicted golden agers “would almost certainly face increasingly severe problems with access to care.”   A 2011 report from the Board of Trustees forecast, “Under the high cost assumptions….asset depletion (bankruptcy) would occur in 2016.  Medicare costs, under the Affordable Care Act are “managed” by: 1)  Dramatically reducing reimbursements to doctors, and 2) Allowing a group of 15, unelected bureaucrats (Independent Payment Advisory Board) to find savings by making changes to the program.  So much for seniors’ individual rights.

3) The whole idea of some favored group getting something for nothing, was debunked once the  controversy centered on who exactly was going to pay for the freebies.  It’s not really “free” if someone else is paying for it.  The only way medical procedures and prescriptions are without cost is if doctors and their staff, join with pharmaceutical companies in donating their labors and product.  Religious leaders are not calling for a national ban on legal activities found to be against their core teaching.  They’re simply saying, “Don’t make us pay for it.”

The Obama/Sebelius proclamation threatening religious freedom greatly overshadows even the most frightening loss of liberties discussed above.  Luminaries from virtually all faiths have denounced the government’s ominous attempt to determine which religious beliefs can be freely practiced.  The First Amendment to the Constitution unambiguously states, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”.   This revision to our founding set of laws was number one for a reason.


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