Renowned Democrat Attorney Says Mueller’s Latest Move Is “Troubling”, “Very Worrying”


One of the reasons George Soros is funding district attorney races throughout the country is because prosecutors have become very powerful. They are writing law via prosecutions. The same thing is happening with Robert Mueller who is overreaching to the point of violating the Constitution. Democrat constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz is very troubled by it.

Mueller is questioning people close to President Trump and trying make Comey’s firing into an obstruction of justice charge.

Trump’s firing of Comey is a constitutional right.

Alan Dershowitz says it is obvious the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has “gone well-beyond his constitutional authority”, is trying to make the President’s constitutional right into a crime.

Mueller is trying to make a crime out of a law that has been in effect since Thomas Jefferson directed his Attorney General to go after Aaron Burr.

As to Mueller investigating Trump’s motives, speculating about motives is unconstitutional. Do we really want to go down this road?, Dershowitz asks.

He said Mueller will try to indict anyone close to Trump of anything – “jaywalking”, anything – to get them to testify against Trump. The danger is some of those indicted will invent facts.

Ask yourself, what does any of this have to do with Russia?

The DoJ has gone completely rogue. This is the very essence of corruption. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has called for Mueller to be shut down.


  1. Even Comey said in testimony ” The president can fire me for any reason or no reason at all, he has the power to do so”

  2. Maybe Mueller is the one obstructing justice. Isn’t it convenient his investigation is going back to precisely the time the Uranium One scandal began. He was the one, As FBI Director, that was the courier of a Uranium sample to be given to “Russia”. Can we opine that Mueller is gathering together all the evidence that can be incriminating to himself. Is this why Rosenstein, who was party to Uranium One, decided on choosing Mueller for this task. Once all their evidence has been collected it can be secured with only themselves being in the clear. It wouldn’t be the first time Mueller and his team went in for false prosecutions.

  3. The DOJ and FBI are enemies of this country. They are the deep state against whom President Trump, and forces loyal to him, are fighting against. This is evil vs. good. This is for all the marbles as far as the left is concerned — and for the future of our country, it is for all the marbles.

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