Rep. Joe Garcia: Communism Works!


whooping it up

Rep. Garcia flanked by two other communists. Birds of a feather and all.

Good news America! Communism works! We finally have a Democrat admitting that he thinks communism works.

Rep. Joe Garcia is seen in the first video – taken in a google hangout – saying Communism works!!!

Give everyone a government job, there’s no crime, he said. He cited El Paso and other border cities as proof. He said the border cities with all the government workers are safe.

That’s interesting. We ARE giving all the government workers guns and ammo, maybe that’s what he meant.

Actually, he said he meant the comment tongue-and-cheek. Listen for yourself. It sounds like he believes it to me.

via Drudge Media


He is seen in this next video, taken last week, picking his ear wax and eating the pickings, Yum! My son used to do that but he was 3 at the time.