Rep. King Blasts CIA Director Brennan, Wants Him Investigated!


Rep. King told Martha Raddatz that when Chairman Nunes called the intelligence committee in, they refused to come and he finds that unacceptable. King is calling for an investigation of CIA Director John Brennan for the “hit job” on Donald Trump.

The intelligence committee has incredible moxie ignoring Congress but they obviously have Obama’s permission. Even more interesting is the fact that Chairman Nunes spoke to Brennan and nothing he said changed his mind. There was no new information.

“I spoke to Chairman Nunes yesterday,” King said. “He told me he has spoken to Director Brennan and the information he got has not changed his opinion at all. I’m just saying, come in and brief the entire committee. You don’t have to, you know, tell the American public or the Russians now all the evidence we have, but the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee, they’re the ones who have the legal obligation and responsibility to oversee the CIA and CIA has the obligation to deal with that committee. That’s their legal obligation, not to be giving it to “The Washington Post” or “The New York Times.”

If Brennan didn’t leak the information, then he needs to investigate his agency to find out who did, King said.

And if it’s not Director Brennan that gave it to “The Washington Post,” then he should be carrying out a full-scale investigation to find out who in the intelligence community is talking to the media on this issue, when they’re not talking to the elected representatives.”

When Raddatz asked Rep. King if he thought Brennan was being political, he responded, “I take that control when he comes out and leaks to the newspapers that the entire intelligence community has concluded that the Russians were targeting Hillary Clinton and favoring Donald Trump, when we’ve never been told that before — certainly Director Comey didn’t tell us that. I have not heard that from Director Clapper.

Rep. King will accept the results if Brennan briefs the committee with evidence.

“So if he — if that is such a dramatic finding, such a dramatic conclusion, then what he should have done is gone before the entire Intelligence Committee, briefed us on it. If that’s the case, I’ll accept it. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m just saying we’ve been given no evidence on it. When you have these stories mysteriously appearing in the newspaper when we have been told the opposite or either that or — either the opposite or nothing at all on it and then suddenly it appears right before the Electoral College is meeting, I find it shameful.

“And listen, I think Putin is evil. I think the Russians are guilty of incredibly evil hacking around the world. They’re constantly trying to hack the United States. I’m not in any way defending Russia. But I’m seeing this final conclusion about what he’s saying, about Trump and Clinton, if they have evidence, show it. They have not shown it yet.”