Rep. Matt Gaetz Said Hillary Was Allowed to Walk by Pro-Hillary FBI Officials


The Hillary Clinton probe was coded “HQ Special” at the FBI by a small clique of pro-Hillary supporters according to Andrew McCabe email evidence. The special treatment let her escape criminal charges.

Gaetz explains that the “headquarter special” suggests that “the normal processes at the Washington field office weren’t followed and he had a very small group of people that had a pro-Hillary Clinton bias who had a direct role in changing the outcome of that investigation from one that likely should have been criminal to one where she was able to walk.”

Hillary might have escaped justice on the email scandal but for now there might be another issue that could affect her. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called for agents to re-examine the evidence in the Uranium deal which could open up problems for her and Barack Obama.


  1. I sent Jim Comey an email telling him to do his job without regard to political views or connections:
    “High diddle diddle, right up the middle” no matter democrat or repubican, DO YOUR JOB!
    Obviously he didn’t listen to a meager citizen because he thought he was protected by higher powers, (Osama Obama, ) which allowed him to ignore the U.S. Constitution and the 5th and 14th Amendments.
    Now, Big Jim, I hope you end up in prison where all of the guys ended up who thought they were too big to bust,….Jimmy Boy, you have committed SEDITION and TREASON., and your bosom buddy, Mueller ain’t gonna rescue you. (He may be in the adjacent cell, polishing his bronze star).
    The Constitution and the 5th and 14th Amendments requIre EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW, JIMMY BOY. Shut your wanna be pious mouth and take your medicine like a big boy. continue feeling “slightly nauseous”, Jimmy boy.

  2. I was extremely disappointed to hear Rep Gaetz say They would reform the process to ensure that pro- Hillary officials would never be able to give her a walk again. Reopening HRC’s case, firing agent Strzok, firing Deputy Director McCabe, and indicting former Director Comey would do a lot to reform the process.

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