Rep. Meeks Not Censored for $40,000 Loan He Forgot to Report


meeks forgot $40000

We need to get rid of the crooks in Congress and stop ignoring their “indiscretions.”

Rep. Gregory Meeks of Queens, Long Island, forgot to report a $40,000 “loan” on his financial disclosure reports. The loan was from a real estate broker now convicted of fraud. Meeks claimed that he had an agreement to pay it back at a 12.5% interest rate.

Edul Ahmad who loaned Meeks the money, said through his lawyer, that there was no fixed interest rate and no loan documentation.

Ahmad recently pleaded guilty to fraud charges on an unrelated federal case.

Ahmad would not provide written documentation to back up his statements so Meeks will not be censored. The media is reporting that Meeks has been cleared, which isn’t completely accurate. He did take the $40,000, he did not report it, and he failed to pay anything back for three years.

This is a case of a government representative taking money from a man now convicted of fraud and not reporting it. It was the NY Daily News that uncovered the “loan.” He made no payments on the loan for three years and said that he has since paid it back.

Rep. Meeks claims he forgot to mention this loan he paid 12.5% interest on? How does anyone take out a loan for $40,000 at 12.5% and forget about it. If nothing else, why do we have a representative who would take a loan out at this rate when the interest rates are so low?

We need to get tougher with Congress. If a government representative forgets something like this, he needs to be fired.