Rep. Tim Bishop & A Vision of Socialized Medicine for Long Island


Long Island Rep.Tim Bishop is suddenly concerned about waste and fraud in Medicare, so much so, that he recently held a series of Medicare meetings for seniors in several Long Island locations to discuss the elimination of waste and fraud. Some of the talk centered around unnecessary testing.

It’s important to mention that Bishop voted for Obamacare which includes IPAB (Independent Patient Advisory Board) and which cut half a billion from Medicare. Both of those issues will likely mean rationing of health services to individuals based on decisions by 15 government bureaucrats in D.C. Seniors are particularly vulnerable.

Some seniors at the meeting wondered why he was talking with them about waste and fraud, nothing he said seemed to apply to them specifically or did it?

I think I found the answer in a Newsday story posted on April 5th (p.A4). It’s been all over the lamestream media as well.

It seems that a Long Island coalition of nine physician societies (representing 375,000 doctors nationally, we don’t know how many doctors on Long Island) has recommended some “cost cutting” rules. Five doctors in each specialty produced a list of 45 guidelines in secret. Though in their infancy, one should not overlook them in the era of socialized medicine because this looks like the beginning of Obamacare for New York.

The coalition wants to cut waste and give a way out of unnecessary tests to doctors who are afraid of lawsuits (how about tort reform?).

Its goal is to identify medical interventions — like tests, procedures, drugs, and even surgery — that are often overused without benefit to patients, and, in their words, “whose necessity should be questioned and discussed” between physicians and their patients. For this initiative, the ABIM Foundation worked with specialty societies, such as the American College of Cardiology and the American College of Radiology — nine societies so far and more to come — to identify “Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question” in each specialty.

Some of the recommendations are: no brain scans for those who faint without neurological symptoms; no imaging for low back pain within first six weeks without red flags; don’t prescribe routine antibiotics [I don’t know one doctor who does that]; no cancer treatment for end stage solid-tumor cancer [IPAB style death sentence]; eliminate annual EKG’s; the use of antibiotics for sinus infections [Personally, I can’t survive without getting these quickly for my sinus infections]; and a Pap test for women younger than 21 [remember the lie that the Republicans were going to eliminate Pap smears?].

The recommendations will be circulated to consumers and doctors by a new initiative called Choosing Wisely, which includes employer groups, unions, AARP and Consumer Reports. Neither the insurance industry nor the federal government was involved in the process, according to their statement. The group includes AARP, but the insurance industry is not involved? AARP is part of the insurance industry as are many of the newer groups to join.

New agencies have joined and they include strong Obamacare supporters, cost cutting measures,  and health co-ops and health exchanges (which are reliant on tax dollars in Illinois and are run by Alinsky groups). Socialized Medicine is creeping into Long Island.

  • Alliance Health Networks (supporters of Obamacare Health Exchanges).
  • Leapfrog Group [Evidence based hospital referrals].
  • Midwest Business Group on Health [Health benefits management].
  • National Business Coalition on Health [Health care co-ops].
  • National Business Group on Health [cost control].
  • National Center for Farmworker Health [migrant and seasonal farmworkers – often illegals].
  • National Partnership for Women & Families [Reproductive heallth and Obamacare].
  • Pacific Business Group on Health [cost cutting for value].
  • SEIU (Obamacare Union).
  • Wikipedia community/through a dedicated Wikipedian in Residence [coordinate image and donations].

The aforementioned organizations lean left and support Obamacare.

The rules are not binding, but they are the camel’s nose under the tent. Many members of the group have cost cutting, co-ops, exchanges and some receive government money even though government isn’t involved – yet.

To start, the coalition claims they want to end unnecessary testing and waste but I don’t know why a coalition of doctors connected to insurance companies, some of whom receive government funding, are playing God and interfering with the decision my doctor and I make.

Choosing Wisely comes off as a wannabe IPAB that tells physicians what tests, surgeries, medicines they should or should not perform or give.

Forbes had an article about these being common sense rules – we’ll see. Maybe they should start by cutting free testing for illegals if they want to save money.

This new initiative and Tim Bishop’s recent concern about waste and fraud seem connected. I feel like we’re being set up for Obamacare NY or Cuomocare if Obamacare is overturned by the Supreme Court. If true,  we won’t have a thing to say about it.