Rep. Timothy Bishop Abused His Power, But, Hey, He Hangs With Important People Like Anna Wintour


“Tim Bishop put ten family members on the payroll at Southampton College while piling up millions in debt at that institution, and now he’s funneling more than a half million dollars to his daughter and her company while running up trillions of dollars in debt in Congress. This is just another example of a Washington politician who puts self-interest above the public interest. It’s why the only way to truly change Congress, is to change our Congressman.”

~ Randy Altschuler

For the Sentinel readers who are not from Long Island, you might be interested in this story because it is very representative of what is wrong with our Congress.

Timothy H. Bishop, congressman from CD-1 Long Island, said he is fighting for the middle class.

Bishop started fighting for us while he was Provost at Southampton College, the college he ran into the ground, by hiring 10 of his family members. Who could do a better job for the middle class than his family?

Does Bishop represent the middle class or Hollywood? He is receiving his funds from those famous middle class Southamptonites – Alan Alda, Alec Baldwin, Christie Brinkley, Mel Brooks, Liz Claiborne, Bette Midler, Paul Simon, Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, and that great icon of the middle class, Anna Wintour. [Wiki]

Are these carpetbaggers the people that Long Islanders want deciding who our congressman will be? I sure hope not.

Timothy dislikes Tea Party people and has been quite vocal about that – he does not represent middle class Tea Party people. He does, however, represent the OWS who have voiced their support for him.

When Tim Bishop recently spoke to a high school class, he referred to the OWS when he said,” It’s emblematic of the sentiment of our country. There is an enormous disparity in income in our country.”

He feels kindly towards the OWS and he definitely likes class warfare. What I don’t understand is how he can hang with the wealthy Hollywood elite and not see some discrepancy between his words and his actions.

Tim Bishop likes to present himself as someone who votes down the middle. That’s strange because he votes with the Democratic Party 94% of the time and abstains 3%, leaving a total of 3% that is not straight party line. How that is the middle I have no idea, your guess is as good as mine.

Molly Bishop, one of Timothy Bishop’s daughters, has been fundraising for him and other Democrats since 2002. She owns MCB Consulting, Inc. and has received over half a million dollars in this role. Up until last year, her company’s address was the same as her father’s office at the time – 3680 Rte. 112, Coram.

Her checks went right to his home. [FEC Records]

Bizapedia still has Molly Bishop’s address listed as her father’s office. When I googled Molly Bishop’s company, the address came up as a restaurant – Tim Burke Productions. Sounds pricey.

Timothy Bishop complains about not raising enough money but he’s always had plenty of money. He’s funded by the wealthiest and the farthest left.

The nonpartisan Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility, in their report entitled “Family Affair,” listed Timothy Bishop as one of the top abusers in Congress because of his making payments or contributions to a family member’s business.

Tim Bishop has pocketed taxpayer-funded raises while railing against raises for members of congress.

Bishop, the middle class stalwart, uses the middle class taxpayer’s money to campaign. He used more than $600,000 in the past three years. [Bishop’s Family Business]

Read his opponent Randy Altschuler’s statement here.

When it comes to doublespeak, we think Timothy Bishop has earned our highest Pinocchio rating. Congratulations Tim!