Rep. Zeldin: “Congress should be standing with Israel in this critical hour”


Rep Zeldin

Rep. Lee Zeldin appeared on the Greta Van Susteren show Monday evening to discuss the furor over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress Tuesday morning.

Rep. Zeldin noted that they all say the Prime Minister is welcome but the president is not attending, the Vice President is not attending, 34 congressional Democrats are not attending [that number is now up to 54].

“They’re looking to cut a deal just to cut a deal,” Zeldin said. “The Prime Minister has said he’s not against a deal, he’s against a bad deal.”

He called it a historic time. Congress, he reminded people, is the peoples’ branch of government and the American people want to know what our ally has to say.

“This is one of those speeches that, right now, you can go on YouTube and you can watch Churchill 70 years ago, two weeks after Pearl Harbor speaking to a joint session of Congress. This is such a historic time and the leader of a nation that is such a beacon of freedom and liberty in a country, a region of the world that is riddled with radical Islamic extremism, state sponsored terrorism, and Secretary Kerry is talking about how there’s this tight security relationship…he’s negotiating a bad deal and he’s going to send James Taylor over there to tell Israel they have a friend.”

Questions Rep. Zeldin wants answered are crucial.

“Will Iran be able to pursue Uranium enrichment, will they be able to keep their centrifuges, will they allow weapons inspectors in to ensure accountability and transparency, will Iran within 24 hours of a deal being announced be refuting the terms of the deal?”

“There should be no conflict as to where every member of Congress should be tomorrow, they should be in their seats, standing with Israel in this critical hour,” Zeldin added.

“Listen ICBMs,” Zeldin said, “you don’t need ICBMs to reach us.”