Report NBC Has New Employee Rules, Sounds Like They Hired the Gestapo


NBC has ordered staff to follow new rules, including reporting colleagues if they hug people too long, entertain vegans poorly, have affairs and so on.

Post Matt Lauer, NBC sources told page six that employees have been ordered to report any inappropriate relationships in the workplace — and if they fail to do so, they could be fired for covering up for colleagues.

If staff know of any affairs, romances, relationships their colleagues have to snitch on them.

The source said, “Plus, there’s been a series of ridiculous rules issued on other office conduct. One rule relates to hugging. If you wish to hug a colleague, you have to do a quick hug, then an immediate release, and step away to avoid body contact.

“Also there’s strict rules about socializing, including [not] sharing taxis home and [not] taking vegans to steakhouses.”

This is what they call “zero-tolerance” which is an absurd idea to begin with.

No word from NBC fascists on that yet.

Earlier this month, NBC said they’d require sexual anti-harassment training of every employee.


  1. I wonder — if you take an NBC coworker who is a confirmed meat eater and anti-veggies to a vegan restaurant, would that also constitute workplace harassment under their new rules? If so, that might finally get the militant vegans to back off, but I suspect it will only go one way, given this is NBC after all.

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