Reporter Confirms Police “Made a Beeline Away”, Said It “Was Too Dangerous”

Antifa fascists

The events that unfolded in Charlottesville this past weekend should never take place on the streets of a U.S. city or town. Armed and helmeted radicals from both sides of the debate entered Emancipation Park freely, prepared for combat.

The police chief says there was no stand down order, but reporters heard there was and at least one reporter said what he witnessed confirmed it.

The police might have been unprepared but Fox News reporter Doug McKelway said what he saw with his own eyes suggests a stand down order. Mr. McKelway said the same thing on Sunday and doubled down Monday after the police chief gave a press conference saying the opposite.

Al Thomas, the Charlottesville police chief said when asked about the perpetrators of the violence that it was “an alt-right’ rally”. He reluctantly admitted there were mutually combative individuals in the crowd.

He never mentioned Antifa, Black Lives Matter or the busses that brought these hoodlums to Charlottesville.

When asked about reports that there was a stand down order, the chief said he’d like to know the name of the officer who said it because it is not true. He was emphatic.


Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was the first to talk about the stand down order. He heard from a senior law enforcement in a local county, who were present that in a briefing in a morning, THAT they were not to arrest anyone without the explicit approval of the Charlottesville mayor. The officer told the reporters he was “outraged” by that instruction.

Mr. McKelway said that what he saw with his own two eyes confirms what the law enforcement official told them, at least “from all visible appearances”.

People were walking in and out of the park armed with bats and other weapons, fully helmeted and wearing padded armor, but no one stopped them.

The police chief also repeated his original comments that the police evacuated because “it was too dangerous.” The police were “making a beeline away from the violence”, McKelway said.

The chief said they only retreated to put on riot gear.

Mr. McKelway wondered why they didn’t come wearing riot gear, prepared to be more proactive.

Niger Innis also heard that the police were standing down.

All sides, he said, were coming from outside the area to cause violence.

Mr. Innis heard the governor was also involved in this limited police reaction.

Mr. Innis agreed it didn’t make logical sense but it happens over and over again. He couldn’t remember which city in California had a stand down order. While not south of San Diego as he said, he might have been thinking of San José.

During the presidential campaign, the mayor of San José, a big Clinton-supporting Democrat and an open borders proponent, blamed Trump for the riots in San José. That was even as the left-wing media was admitting it was the anti-Trump rioters who were to blame.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Mayor Sam Liccardo told the Associated Press, praising the city’s police while adding that “we’re all still holding our breath to see the outcome of this dangerous and explosive situation.”

Juan Williams, the Fox News host, said Trump has to bear the responsibility because he said all Mexicans were killers and rapists. Trump NEVER said that.

Trump supporters were attacked freely and the police did not step in. It appears the police were told to stand down. It is now under litigation.

Revolutionary Communist Party proudly display their signs in San Jose

The media also failed to mention that the Revolutionary Communist Party was very involved along with illegal alien radical groups.






  1. Once again, given ALL the warning signs, we might ask how Terry McAuliffe could have possibly missed seeing this coming. That would go double for the mayor who, being the guy in charge on the ground, completely failed his citizens, with deadly results.
    Let’s hope the DOJ does a very, very thorough investigation. “Mutually engaged combatants” from BOTH sides came prepared to do battle, and were ALLOWED the leeway to do just that.

  2. Obviously the police does nothing because they receive their order from the same people the leftist thugs receive theirs.

    I do not know if is George Soros or Hillary Clinton, but it does not matter.

    All this is planned, the police does nothing, the goal being that they want there to be violence that they know, we ALL know the media will say the violence was because of the right not the left.

    It was revealed in the project veritas that is how the left operates, the DNC was paying thugs to cause violence at pro-Trump rallies…the thugs knew the media would spin any violence into ;”the left is innocent, the pro-Trump are violent evil racist”

    they did it numerous time during the election campaign and they did it again this time.

    they will do the same thing next time.

    Violent paid by the left thugs will cause violence, but the media and the liberals lying trough their teeth will say the violence all comes from one side ; the right side and they will all demand Trump must disavow or whatever.

    all this is manipulation

    we are being manipulated

    the left is forcing us to feel ashamed as if all of us whites who lean right politically are responsible and had to say we are sorry about the violence.

    Call me silly but the left could have called this ” operation shaming”

    the media and the left leaves us two choices; admit the right is wrong, or agree with the KKK

    if we admit the right is wrong, we may as well admit the left is right, and we should open our borders and let illegals vote

    we are being manipulated, those are not the only two choices.

    these events are carefully planned to shame us, to manipulate us

    they even managed to make President Trump say that all pro-whites groups are evil.

    we are being manipulated, even Trump fell for it.

    not all white people who want the white race to thrive and survive are evil violent racists

    if all other races are allowed to love their race and culture and are allowed to be proud and are allowed to work to promote their race and culture, how is it evil of whites to do the same for their race and culture?

    We are being seriously manipulated

    even Trump fell for it and rejected anything pro-white

    that is wrong. because there is nothing wrong with whites wanting the same things all other races want.

    if there are still white historians centuries from now they will say this was the age where whites have been manipulated beyond belief.

    The more trump doe what the left and their media demand, the more he makes it sound like all whites who lean right are bad people, and that simply defending whites is evil.

    I really like President Trump, and in all this time he has been President this is the first time I am disappointed in him.

    he fell into the trap the left and their media set for him.

    thousands if not millions of people have fallen for it.

    the left are master manipulators

    they have put the Alinsky rules on steroids.

    and now whites are apologizing to the left

    just like the battered wife who apologizes to her abuser.

    • It is even more evil that I said above.

      WAY more evil!!

      I just saw a video where you can clearly see and HEAR the pro-white crowd asking the police why they are pushing them into the “antifa” leftist crowd when they know this will result in pro-white people being beaten up badly.

      the police INTENTIONALLY pushed the pro-white men into antifa so they would get beat up.

      the police did not pull the pro-whites away from the other crowd that wants to beat them up, they pushed them into the antifa violent crowd that wanted to beat them up.

      the police knew exactly what they were doing.

      they wanted this violence to happen.

      Who told them to do that?

      who pushes people into the crowd that wants to beat them up???

  3. The chief said they only retreated to put on riot gear.

    Mr. McKelway wondered why they didn’t come wearing riot gear, prepared to be more proactive.

    Ignorant Mr. McKelway may not realize that it is possible that the local police did not expect riots, violence and unruly demonstrators that would not comply with previous agreements with the police.

    Hindsight is always 20/20. The stupid after-the-fact analysis of history conjures up all sorts of “what ifs” and speculation regarding motives and actual site conditions. Many of these come from people that were not even present.

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