Representative Ackerman Saving Almost Dead Animals Instead of the Almost Dead Economy



For those of you who stay up nights because of the European nightmare
For those of you who are now under Psychiatric care due to Obama’s failed policies
For those of you who are sedated because of the continued deterioration of our economy


Help is on the way!

Our own splendid, 26- year Congressman, Gary Ackerman, has finally, after years of sitting on the sideline waiting for his pension to kick in, decided to join the fight and  save our Country!

His plan which is now known, in many circles, as “Socialists Have Indefinite Tenure (you can figure out the acronym for that without my printing it here), is described in minute detail on page A27 of the weekend edition of that famous, impartial, and brilliant newspaper, Newsday!

Basically, this is how it works! But before you read on, I suggest that any of my readers who are on medication, PLEASE, make sure you have taken your daily dosage!

For 20 years Representative Ackerman has tried to pass a federal law which would prohibit all livestock, not only cattle, who are too weak to walk, from being slaughtered for human consumption! Shall I go on? If you don’t believe, PLEASE check it out for yourself! – PAGE A27!  OK- Let’s go on!

Under existing Federal law, this ONLY applies to cattle! Our undaunted  Representative in Washington,  I guess because of his humanitarian love for pigs and other livestock or his fight against Mad Cow Disease, wants the law extended to all livestock! Isn’t it great to have a Liberal watching our back?

For 20 years ( I swear to God this is true), he has tried to get this passed only to see the cattle industry block it! HOW COULD THEY? But a great Liberal NEVER gives up when the fate of our country is at stake!  After all, WHY WOULD THE CATTLE INDUSTRY KNOW MORE ABOUT LIVESTOCK THAN A SCHOOL TEACHER FROM ROSLYN?

Ackerman’s bill was rejuvenated when the Supreme Court overturned a California law setting the stage for him to “continue his fight!” THANK GOD!

SLEEP WELL, my fellow patriots, Our beloved Congressman has everything under control in Washington!

P.S. – I urge all of  our supporters to IMMEDIATELY call Congressman Ackerman’s office and SUPPORT his crusade to SAVE AMERICA!

Call at: Washington tel.  202-225-2601
Bayside tel. 718 -423-2154.