Republican Opponents Will Bring Trump to Victory



There is a full-frontal assault being waged to defeat Donald Trump and even Ted Cruz, in an effort to replace them with, they believe, the more electable Marco Rubio though they haven’t been proficient at picking winners in a very long time.

Donald Trump is being attacked from all sides and he’s still standing. In fact, he’s not only standing, he’s gaining in strength. The attacks now will either destroy him or push him over the top. Some of the attacks come in the form of unanswered questions and others are more personal in nature.

How will this end up? Probably badly for the opponents because insulting Trump does bring his poll numbers up. Talking down to his supporters has the same effect.

US Senator from Nebraska Ben Sasse tweeted to DonaldTrump two days ago in a now publicized exchange. He included some good questions and an insult. Trump fired back with only insults with Sasse responding in kind.

Ben Sasse:

Questn1. You said you want single-payor “govt pays4everyone” HCare. If that isnt your position now when did it change?Why?

Q2: You’ve said you “hate the concept of guns.” Why the change? When did it happen? What’s the 2nd Amendment mean to you?

Q3: A few yrs ago u proposed $6trillion tax hike. Still want to do that? Agree w/ Biden that higher taxes=more patriotism?

Q4: You brag abt many affairs w/ married women. Have you repented? To harmed children & spouses? Do you think it matters?’

they deserve str8 answers. America doesnt need a strongman. We need a Constitution. Someone who knows the meaning(cont)

I’d love the answers to those questions myself. For his part, Donald Trump responded by putting him down.

The great State of Nebraska can do much better than @BenSasse as your Senator. Saw him on @greta – totally ineffective. Wants paid for pols.

.@BenSasse looks more like a gym rat than a U.S. Senator. How the hell did he ever get elected? @greta

Sasse responded by saying the voters need answers.

Thanks. As the sonuva football &wrestling coach, this is high praise
MT”@realDonaldTrump: @BenSasse looks more like gym rat than US Senator”

Mr @realDonaldTrump Q6: Obama Admin has used Nixon-style tactics on opponents. You say, If someone screws you, screw them back harder (cont)

(Q6 cont) As Pres, would you use the tools of the federal govt against opponents?
We don’t a Republican version of Obama, or another Nixon.
11:01 PM – 29 Jan 2016

Lots of really great Americans are considering supporting you.
They deserve real answers.
Please consider it.

Good grief. With a response like this you’d think I asked Mr @realDonaldTrump abt the length of his fingers or something important like that

There has been a lot a negative chatter about Sasse from Trump supporters since the exchange. He seems to have had the opposite effect on Trump’s supporters.

People remember the destruction of Herman Cain with highly questionable accusations of infidelity by sketchy characters who were then represented by Gloria Allred, the legal attack dog for the left who destroyed a California gubernatorial candidate because she only paid her unskilled maid $25 an hour. People might not care about his personal issues. It’s hard to say.

Then what National Review Online did afterwards will probably bring Trump’s numbers up.

National Review said Trump engaged in an affair with actress Marla Maples while still married to first wife Ivana and he has written about his many experiences with women, often seemingly happily married woman. Trump bragged about the affairs in his book “The Art of the Comeback.”

The National Review reminds us that Trump also wrote in “Think Big and Kick Ass” that he’s been with married women: “Beautiful, famous, successful, married — I’ve had them all, secretly, the world’s biggest names.”

Author David French said that affairs in themselves shouldn’t disqualify him “but the combination of infidelity and boastfulness is particularly damaging.”

Is that going to be an effective argument when the country is being destroyed and the politicians want business as usual?

Another article in the same publication calls the Trump supporters’ “darling” a “two-timing cad.”

“Donald Trump’s policy preferences, on matters ranging from abortion to taxes to private-property rights, are closer to Hillary Clinton’s than to those of any Republican in the last half-century. We have pointed out that Donald appears to have no particular knowledge of most of the subjects that would occupy his time as America’s chief executive; nor does he exhibit any particular inclination to study up. We have noted his strongman tendencies, his penchant for scurrilous personal insults, and his general megalomania,” Ian Tuttle says in the article.

Indeed, some positions he has taken are problematic. Last September. Donald Trump said we have to cover everybody. Obamacare needs to be replaced with universal healthcare. He has since backed off.

In 2013, Trump supported amnesty for 20 million and in 2015 he said he never supported an assault weapon ban, though he had. Everything else is really too old in this author’s opinion. He does support Eminent Domain and the Kelo decision. The Sentinel has reported on it extensively and is vehemently opposed, not to Eminent Domain per se, but to it being used for the benefit of private corporations as in the Kelo case.

The author Ian Tuttle says he understands Trump’s attraction – he seem “manly and strong”, he’s healthy and wealthy, and he “has a big tower.”

We “feel small and under siege” and “If we thought this relationship were healthy, we would support you.”

See, right there is the problem. The condescension turns people off from them and back to Trump, just as insulting everyone who supported him brought his poll numbers up. People remember and they know what these people really think.

The one thing Trump’s opponents continue to ignore is that Trump isn’t the devil and has many good qualities. Demonizing everything about the man doesn’t smack of reality. Hitting him personally hardens the prevalent view that the elite are out to get him and take him down, replacing him with an establishment type.

Trump will shake things up. It’s his most endearing quality. People think Trump will make America great again and has his heart in the right place. Right or wrong, it’s what they believe. The Republican ruling class don’t know it, but they’ve lost credibility and they’ve lost the people. The same goes for the media – they don’t report, they manipulate – they’re evil little devils. Trump looks like the better of two evils to many.

If they keep this attack mode up, he will be a guaranteed winner. Stick to the issues with Trump.


  1. I’ll be the first to say that, although I support Trump,
    my “heartburn” with him is his “eminent domain” position.

    That said, my “heartburn” with Cruz is his “Trans Pacific Trade Deal” (TPP) position.

    I see TPP as “the other side of the” Immigration-Issue “coin.”
    In a similar (and related) manner that illegal
    (and Cruz’s H1-B legal white collar alien invasion)
    immigration destroys America’s social fabric and economic strength,
    the TPP severely weakens (a slippery slope to destroying)
    America’s sovereignty, as it subordinates/subsumes America to GLOBAL powers,
    be they economic or legal (THINK: UN, World Court).

    Hence, I see Cruz as supporting this globalism to the detriment of America,
    and will vote for Donald J Trump.

    (FWIW, should Cruz for some reason win the nomination, I can see reluctantly voting for him)

    • I hear you. I go back-and-forth. I try not to take a stand for or against because that’s for others to decide. The Eminent Domain and the universal healthcare bother me about Trump. Cruz probably won’t go with TPP at this point but who knows. I am concerned that he won’t be someone anyone can work with. Rubio is going to giver amnesty and I think a path to citizenship though that’s inevitable anyway. I just don’t know but no matter who it is, the person will be better than the commies in the Democrat Party. The Democrats will finish us off if they get in again.


        I. Luv ya…yer GREAT!

        II. AH HA! “Universal Healthcare”…you’re hearing mostly about what he said 15 or so years ago. He has since (RECENTLY) said that, since ObamaCare has shown itself to be such a disaster, he wants the Private Sector to take over (again), but get rid of the stupid (and costly) limitations of companies to bid state-by-state, thereby reducing costs. The MOST he said recently in the direction of “national” stuff vis a vis healthcare (and trust me it’s a biggie for me too!) is “everyone should be covered” and “we have to help people.”

        SO: Trump knows when to stay vague…too vague than most politicians are…before we get p!§$ed off at them for “not keeping their promises.” IT’S WHOLLY UNREALISTIC (and, if I may say in the case of Trump, Mister UNpolitician) to expect wonk über details. Like with what he’s saying about ethanol, he’s trying to GET (NOT “scare away”) VOTES.

        I know, it’s a matter of trust, but I’ll trust him on this one.

        III.“Amnesty”/CITIZENSHIP FOR ILLEGALS (as I say) IS NOT INEVITABLE!!! Get that out of your head!!! Rubio is the ULTIMATE “Amnesty” scumwad, even during his time in the Florida legislature!!! I live there now and read up alot more on the “local” history.

        In that sense, NO, I will not vote for Rubio or Bush – candidates of the GOP Establishment, as I wish to keep America as sovereign as possible (please reference my earlier post).

        IV. Let’s pray there is no need for a “brokered” convention, because the GOP will do everything in their power (as they have already) to derail Trump. BY MARCH 15, EVERYONE SHOULD *sense* WHO is going to be the nominee. Therefore, I ASK EVERY VOTER IN “WINNER TAKE ALL” STATES (only allowed on/after March 15, e.g. Florida) TO VOTE FOR TRUMP TO AVOID THE DISTRIBUTION OF VOTES ALLOWING THE ESTABLISHMENT TO THROW THE NOMINATION!!!

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