Republicans Beg for Good Terms of Surrender After Recent Polls


Boehner begging King Obama

Cartoon photo of Boehner begging King Obama, neither looks pleased

We’ll give you the debt ceiling, we’ll give you a continuing resolution with no restrictions, but, please, please just talk to us!

That is what I envision Republicans saying as they engage in talks with the White House behind closed doors. My vision isn’t without merit. Mr. Obama said he wanted a ‘clean’ CR and the debt ceiling lifted. In exchange, he would agree to talk with them, not now, in the future.

The latest proposal is basically that. It reverses some sequester cuts; funds the government for 6-weeks with the government reopening through December 15th; Obamacare would be fully funded except the Medical Device Tax would be repealed; some individuals receiving subsidies would undergo tougher scrutiny; and Republicans will get a promise of talks in the future.

With the next showdown on December 15th, so close to the holidays, they will capitulate again undoubtedly.

They’re not even insisting Congress give up the 72% subsidy towards Obamacare. They will get a subsidy while those of us who make far less will not. They are the elite, the privileged ones.

The Republicans might be running scared based on the polls.

There is bad news coming out the polls this week and while the news is worse for Republicans, it’s certainly not good for President Obama. One has to be careful when looking at polls, however, because they are being used to shape opinion as opposed to simply assessing opinion.

An Associated Press poll earlier this week showed President Obama’s approval rating at 37% and Congress’s approval at 5%, but the information was buried in an article with the headline, “GOP gets the blame in shutdown.”

In the case of the NBC/WSJ poll here (.pdf), 43% of Democrats and Independent-leaning Democrats and 32% of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents were polled. That’s an 11 point spread.

Twenty percent of the polled respondents were government workers though government workers represent less than 8% of the population; 20% of those polled were Tea Party while the Tea Party represents 22% of the population. The poll is somewhat skewed and some would say it is deliberately made so to shape opinion.

The poll has 60% of the people saying that if they had the chance they would vote out every single member of Congress and only 35% said they would not; 47% said they do not identify strongly with either party; 14% think the country is headed in the right direction with 78% saying we are on the wrong track; only 38% think Obamacare is a good idea.

When asked if they wanted a Democratically-controlled Congress, 47% said yes and only 39% wanted a Republican-controlled Congress with 14% unsure.

When asked who would be to blame for a shutdown, the percentages were:

President Obama – 31
Republicans in Congress – 53
Both equal (VOL) – 13
Not sure – 3

In contrast, when the same question was asked in 1995, the results were:

If President Clinton and the Republican Congress do not reach an agreement to balance the budget, who do you think will be more to blame–President Clinton or the Republican Congress?
President Clinton – 33
Republican Congress – 44
Both equal (VOL) – 18
Not sure -5

Contact Congress and tell them what you want them to do.

Here is the switchboard number to speak to your own member of Congress:  (202) 224-3121 or find their contact information here:

Important Representatives to speak with:

State Representative Twitter Phone Number
OH John Boehner @SpeakerBoehner 202-225-6205
VA Eric Cantor @GOPLeader 202-225-2815
CA Kevin McCarthy @GOPWhip 202-225-2915
WA Cathy McMorris-Rodgers @CathyMcMorris 202-225-2006
WI Paul Ryan @RepPaulRyan 202-225-3031
TX Pete Sessions @PeteSessions 202-225-2231
TX Jeb Hensarling @RepHensarling 202-225-3484
NC Renee Ellmers @RepReneeEllmers 202-225-4531
NC Virginia Foxx @VirginiaFoxx 202-225-2071
KY Hal Rogers @RepHalRogers 202-225-4601
OR Greg Walden @RepGregWalden 202-225-6730

By the way, default is not on the table, it never has been on the table because it is unconstitutional to default – not pay our debt service. We have ample funds to pay the interest on our debt which is about 24 billion a month while we take in about 220 billion. Both parties are using the word default and they both need to stop it.

We will prioritize our payments.