Republicans Can Defund Sanctuary Cities



President-elect Donald Trump’s plan for the first 100 days in office is to “cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities.” They are generally defined in this way: Sanctuary cities are communities that provide a safe haven for undocumented immigrants, where police do not enforce federal immigration laws.

Could they be defunded?

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) regularly places an amendment to the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations bill that blocks grants from the Justice Department to local law enforcement agencies in cities and counties engaging in sanctuary city practices. He expects it to be front and center during Trump’s first 100 days.

Democrat leaders of counties, towns, and cities are vowing to continue breaking the law, even if they are protecting criminal illegal aliens. King believes there are a lot of Americans who want the sanctuary cities ended.

Legislation to block funding for cities and localities that do not abide by federal immigration laws can be crafted in many forms and some are already on the table. There is always reconciliation and passage with 51 votes in the Senate.

There is a fear that many Republicans won’t support Trump.

Sanctuary cities are an invitation to open borders and the goal isn’t to take pity on the poor of foreign nations, it’s to collect Democrats so only Democrats will rule the United States one day. It’s strictly political. The people here illegally are enlisted to rally for open borders and to even vote. They are told half the country – a white half – are racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and nativist.

Michael Moore speaks for the hard-left and apparently most of the Democrat Party when he says the majority of our nation will not be white by 2050 or sooner and that therefore means we will be a hard-left nation at that point. That does not have to be the case but it is an explanation of why they want people of color and actively recruit them. It’s why they foster division among the races and it’s why they encourage black and Hispanic separatist movements while denigrating whites.

As Center for Immigration Studies has reported sanctuary cities obstruct law enforcement and threaten public safety. The numbers of these cities, towns and counties have grown. In fact, New York and California are sanctuary states. Students, encouraged by leftist professors, are demanding sanctuary colleges.

It has to be stopped.

Democrats want open borders and so do some Republicans, but the only ones who are contesting them are the Republicans. We can no longer be called a country if we do not have borders by the very definition of the word.

Open borders are dramatically transforming us economically, politically, socially, and culturally. Can the United States survive an unlimited entitlement state? Because that is what this means.

Remember when Hillary cared about the country and wanted borders? Democrats agreed with her then but they weren’t hard-left in the 1990s.

The sanctuary communities can be seen on this map.


Some very dishonest sanctuary cities like Tim Kaine just lie and pretend they don’t exist. Even Chris Cuomo called Kaine out.

There is a complete list in the scribd document below but it’s a little challenging to read.

Sanctuaries Listed by State on Scribd

cartoon by Antonio Branco at Comically Incorrect