Republicans endorsing Hillary expect high level positions, welcome access in admin



While, some Never Trumper GOPers don’t want to vote for Trump for a variety of reasons, according to inside sources, some also support Hillary to gain access and be part of the elite.

That means a lot of RINOs will help Hillary ruin the country.

For those who are fired up and believe that Never Trump Republicans are more concerned about their establishment privileges, the report from Politico will add fuel.

According to Politico, Republicans who have abandoned Trump say the Democrat has given every indication that the GOP view will be reflected in her administration.

They are already are getting special privileges and are ready to sell out the constituents for themselves.

Messaging from Clinton’s communications team has given GOP NeverTrumpers direct and regular access to senior staffers and in-person meetings to discuss policy and strategy…

The paybacks include many high-level positions and this has been done for so-called Republicans before.

After she is sworn in, these Republicans say, they expect positions in a Clinton administration that go beyond the one or two seats that are typically reserved for opposition party experts in any White House that aims to win bipartisan support and cast itself as a solutions-oriented bridge-building operation.

“It wouldn’t just be in token positions,” said Chris Shays, a former Connecticut GOP congressman who last month penned an op-ed announcing his endorsement of Clinton. “I think her motivation would be this would enable her to be a better president.”

Is that the case or do they just want to keep the Establishment going which Trump won’t do and Hillary will. Hillary is the Establishment.

These Republicans are traitors no matter how they spin it.

John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman,[close Soros associate] and Leslie Dach, a former Walmart executive who worked for both the Clinton and Obama administrations, have taken the lead on the GOP recruitment effort by tapping more than two decades of contacts the two men developed in moving back and forth through Washington’s revolving doors. They’ve been identifying and wooing potential Clinton supporters from different GOP policy, political and business circles, and several Republican defectors who have gone public with their endorsements say the campaign has been quick to swoop in and help them publish and distribute statements and op-eds declaring support, to coordinate media interviews and assisting in wider Republican networking efforts.

According to Politico, a number of these people are working actively on her behalf.

A list of 200 Republicans who have either said they will vote for Hillary Clinton or who will never endorse Donald Trump was published on the Hill  —  click here. The list is getting dated but it is a good start.

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