Republicans Surrender the Internet!



The NY Times reported Tuesday afternoon that Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota and chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, conceded all efforts to overturn the coming ruling for Net Neutrality because Democrats are lining up with President Obama in favor of the F.C.C.

It’s hard to believe the Republicans won the last election and have control of Congress.

Lost in all this is the fact that the president is using an agency to usurp congressional authority.

Congress will not come up with a bill because Democrats want to see what is in the F.C.C. rules which has to be passed before anyone can see them.

We have a dictator and Congress is abandoning its responsibility as the peoples’ branch of government.

Republicans are giving up because they wouldn’t get it signed anyway.

“We’re not going to get a signed bill that doesn’t have Democrats’ support,” Thune said, explaining that Democrats have insisted on waiting until after Thursday’s F.C.C. vote before even beginning to talk.

No one even knows what is in Net Neutrality other than 320 pages of regulations to be foisted on the Internet.

One of the things we know will be controlled is political speech. Perhaps not right away, but it’s coming.

It will make the Internet into a centralized, government-controlled entity. Net Neutrality under the Title II guidelines that Barack Obama wanted is a fairness doctrine for the Internet.  It will allow the government to decide what is fair speech. It is the politicization of the Internet.

It will also be expensive. The government will tax it to pay for all this regulatory reform.

There was nothing wrong with the Internet. It didn’t need fixing and that’s the shame of it.