Republicans Who Voted Against Anti-EPA Resolutions


The Senate on Tuesday approved a pair of resolutions aimed at killing the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s climate agenda. It will be vetoed but it will also undercut Obama’s planned coup at the summit in Paris in December.

Obama’s planning to sign a Draconian treaty and call it an agreement to circumvent Congress.

Politico reported that the Senate voted to greenlight two disapproval resolutions under the Congressional Review Act, a seldom-invoked law that allows lawmakers to reject a recently finalized regulation with a simple majority vote. One resolution targeted the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate rule for existing power plants, and a second focused on EPA’s climate rule for new and modified power plants. Both passed 52-46.

What is most noteworthy is that there are some Republicans who didn’t vote and some who voted against it.

Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Mark Kirk (Ill.) and Susan Collins (Maine) voted against the CRA resolutions. Ayotte and Kirk are in Democrat-leaning states and Ayotte is facing a tough election.

Two didn’t vote – Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. Why? One of the criticisms of Marco is that he misses too many votes but this is one he should have made.

One thing Obama, Kerry and Sanders won’t like is that Paris has banned the climate rallies in light of the Paris attacks. Obama is afraid the Paris attacks are a “setback”, John Kerry thinks the climate summit is a message to ISIS, and Bernie says terrorism is the result of climate change.