Repulsive Ad Celebrating Roe vs Wade Hits the Internet – Ugh! Ugh!



It is morally repugnant to make fun of the death of unborn babies but that is what the Center for Reproductive Rights did with its new “Happy 40th Anniversary baby” ad.

Why do they have to celebrate 40 years of legalized abortion when many consider it murder?

It is also offensive to women that a man is the one conveying the message.

This ad is vile and disgusting. It makes light of a very serious issue:

The rotters who made the ad can be found here but I don’t know if you want to give them hits by looking at their site.

There have been 53 million abortions in the 40 years since Roe vs Wade passed. That’s one-sixth of our population. It means that one of every three babies dies by abortion. How many of these abortions were necessary I wonder.