Restrictions to Early Voting Remind Eric Holder of Klu Klux Klan Murders in 1964


That famous voter fraud proponent, Attorney General Eric Holder, in a video message posted on the DOJ website Monday, decried Ohio’s plan to scale back early voting. Early voting is a great vehicle for committing voter fraud.

While a recent Supreme Court decision allows scaling it back, a judge threw out Ohio’s plan.

It scaled back early voting days by 20% to 28 days from 35.

Holder claimed the plan would negatively impact minorities.

Some states allow people to register whenever and wherever they want and some allow voting on the same day. Unlimited registration and voting encourages fraud. All of it adds up to a fraud free-for-all.

That has nothing to do with race and it has everything to do with voter fraud.

Holder suggested that scaling back early voting is an insult to those who died at the hands of the KluKluxKlan. He referenced the KluKluxKlan murders of three civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964 and the Klan murder of Viola Liuzzo in 1965 during Civil Rights marches in Selma, Alabama.

“It is an affront to millions who have marched, and fought, and too often died to make real America’s most basic promise. Three brave young men gave their lives in 1964, as did a courageous Detroit mother of five in 1965, so that others might be able to vote and be truly free. Are we now to turn our back on those ultimate sacrifices,” Holder pontificated.

Holder drew moral equivalence between the two.

This is very insulting to legislators who are trying to protect our votes.

In most of Holder’s calculating statements, there is often that unspoken hint that whites are racist who are out to get blacks.

Holder likes to call out Republicans for alleged Jim Crow voting laws when he in fact needs to look to his own racism.

The only thing that would make Holder happy is if anyone could vote any time in any place without ID.