Retaliation After Clear Evidence of Democrat Collusion with Russians


The left-wing Campaign for Accountability, which has teamed up with the leftist Intercept in the past, launched an attack on Chairman Devin Nunes and his committee, the House Intelligence Committee. They filed an ethics complaint. This is as his committee’s corruption probe gets close to Hillary Clinton.

The leftist “watchdog” claims Nunes leaked in order to punish Fusion GPS.

Why haven’t they asked for a review of Dianne Feinstein who leaked entire testimony?

Rep. Nunes this week said there is clear evidence the Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians. That was last week, before we found out that the FBI informant William D. Campbell testified before three congressional committees that Hillary was engaged in a possible pay-to-play with the Russians.

The FBI informant ties Hillary Clinton to the Russian bribery scheme and claims to have evidence.


Last year, Devin Nunes faced a false ethics report and here we go again. It took months for Nunes to be exonerated and he had to temporarily step down as Chair. There were calls from the Democrats for him to resign.

In April of last year, he was under investigation because of public reports that he “may have made unauthorized disclosures of classified information.” It was a referral from left-wing groups tied to the Campaign for Accountability such as CREW, which receives funding from George Soros.

Devin Nunes was only cleared last month. This is what Democrats do now. They are Alinskyites with little to no regard to the truth.

They want him to step aside.

It’s rather amusing given Adam Schiff’s penchant for leaking.

This comes after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly threatened Devin Nunes and the committee.

Nunes and his committee recently exposed corruption by top FBI/DoJ officials. They are currently investigating the State Department’s role.

This time, Nunes must tell the left-wing ethics department he will not step aside.

Check this out:

Currently, the courageous congressman is trolling CNN. He’s a hero!


  1. Well, fight fire with fire. Let both House and Senate Committees Subpoena Campaign for Accountability and any others for “suspected” ties to the Russians.

    • Don’t expect the senate intelligence committee to do anything, Burr and Warner are corrupt deep state allies. But they like to investigate Trump.

  2. The Democrats have put themselves in a no-win situation. They’ve SO demonized Trump during the campaign and afterwards there’s just no way they can work “With” him. Otherwise they would be colluding With that demon. Thus their position must be maintained. This could very well be their demise in future elections.

  3. Another one jumps ship…………Another longtime FBI official quits today. According to Fox News Catherine Herridge reporting, FBI Asst. Director Michael Kortan (aka text message “Mike”), the head of the FBI Public Affairs Office, has announced he is retiring…………….who is next??????

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