Retiree Builds Stairs for $550 That Bureaucrats Said Would Cost $65,000-$150,000, Bureaucrats Are Angry!


Have you given the fraud and waste in big government consideration? If you have, you’ve abandoned the party of big government. It’s not only a problem in the United States, it’s everywhere. We have a fine example from Canada.

A retiree named Adi Astl watched people stumble down the battered public stairs in Tom Riley Park for years. They weren’t going to be repaired any time soon because the cost to repair them was estimated to be between $65,000 and $150,000.

One day, he had enough and went and with a small crew. He rebuilt them himself for $550.

His gardening club thanked him. In fact, one of the members had fallen down the stairs and broken his wrist on the old staircase.

Stairway to Bureaucracy

Well, the government officials are unhappy and have decided they might tear the stairs down because they are not built in accordance with all their many, useless and costly regulations.

Don’t forget a lot of regulations exist solely to put money in the pockets of well-placed entrepreneurs.

City officials are angry he didn’t wait longer for them to decide. Mr. Astl was thinking of the safety of the people in the park and who knows what the hay these officials were concerned about. It sure wasn’t safety!

This is what happens with big government. Unaccountable bureaucrats with too much power rule your life without giving a hoot about you.

This man saved them $65,000 and the city’s worried about pointless bureaucracy.