Reuters Report of Undisclosed Kushner-Kislyak Calls Was Not True


Jared Kushner’s statement before Congress today indicates that the Reuters report claiming Kushner did not disclose speaking twice with Russian ambassador Kislyak was fake news.

This is from the Kushner statement:

Reuters news service has reported that I had two calls with Ambassador Kislyak at some time between April and November of 2016. While I participated in thousands of calls during this period, I do not recall any such calls with the Russian Ambassador. We have reviewed the phone records available to us and have not been able to identify any calls to any number we know to be associated with Ambassador Kislyak and I am highly skeptical these calls took place.

A comprehensive review of my land line and cell phone records from the time does not reveal those calls. I had no ongoing relationship with the Ambassador before the election, and had limited knowledge about him then. In fact, on November 9, the day after the election, I could not even remember the name of the Russian Ambassador.

When the campaign received an email purporting to be an official note of congratulations from President Putin, I was asked how we could verify it was real. To do so I thought the best way would be to ask the only contact I recalled meeting from the Russian government, which was the Ambassador I had met months earlier, so I sent an email asking Mr. Simes, “What is the name of the Russian ambassador?” Through my lawyer, I have asked Reuters to provide the dates on which the calls supposedly occurred or the phone number at which I supposedly reached, or was reached by, Ambassador Kislyak.

The journalist refused to provide any corroborating evidence that they occurred.

Kushner also addressed the Donald Jr. meeting:


  1. Our do-nothing, corrupt, dishonest congress would rather hold hearings on media rumors than perform their function.

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