Rewarding Liars! Fake Black Rachel Dolezal Will Star In Her Own Reality Show


The reward for being a pathological liar these days is getting your own reality show.


Rachel Dolezal pictured here in a video in which she complained about old white men on dollar bills.

Rachel Dolezal who sued a black college because she allegedly suffered bigotry against her because she is white, tried to ruin her family according to her family, and who teaches hatred towards whites according to her brother, is in talks with multiple sources to star in a reality show according to radar online.

A source said two production companies made the offers. “The offers were made last week along with several others that were just outrageous. Rachel recognizes that she is going to need an agent and a publicist, and is going to be hiring a professional team in the next few days.”

She’s going to use the publicity to raise awareness about white-black issues. Since she hates white people, by many accounts, that should prove to be helpful to the far-left.

She’s going to hire a team to represent her.

While Tim Tebow gets lambasted for talking about pro-life issues and kneeling on a football field, and conservative women and blacks are demonized and threatened, while gays and gay-marriage proponents who don’t tow the line are abused, a fraud is glorified because she sings the right tune.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar formerly known as Lew Alcinder said we can’t give up Rachel Dolezal – we need her. He’s being praised for that statement.

They need her?

Excuses are being made for her – if she feels black and thinks she’s black, why can’t she be black? Under their reasoning, all social constricts are up for grabs. Does it mean blacks aren’t blacks and whites aren’t whites  unless they feel they are?

While the left makes excuses, they ignore her crazy behavior.

If we ignore reality and accept her as an honorable person who is black in her soul as she hopes, we are altering reality. Her new show should be called the unreality show.

She’s not only a fraud, she’s continuing the fraud and many are going along with her and accepting that she is honorable. She’s telling people she’s more black than white.

Others are not pleased and blaming it on white privilege – the neo-racism – which makes as little sense.

Here she is claiming she’s not white.