Right Brothers Radio Discusses the Clownocracy

Here comes the clowns
Chuck Hagel

If you haven’t listened to Rightbrosradio yet, you might want to, unless you are a socialist. Socialists won’t like them.

The Right Brothers have a very dry sense of humor yet they do not take the conservative issues lightly. Sometimes they are outright hysterical.

The podcast I am linking to here includes an interview with our own Dell Hill.

The show covers the Hagel nomination, which is humorous in of itself without meaning to be, and it also goes over the Second Amendment concerns so many of us have, among other issues.

Dell Hill was interviewed at about 19:27. The discussion of Chuck Hagel starts at about 12:20.

Click here to check it out.

Democrats could not stop themselves from coming out in support of Chuck Hagel today, despite his dazed and muddled performance before the Senate on Friday. They are only doing it because they want to support President Obama, not because Hagel made an ounce of sense during the most critical parts of his testimony.

Mr. Hagel is either stupid or so arrogant that he didn’t feel he had to prepare for his confirmation hearing. Maybe he’s both.

President Obama promised to change DC. Did he mean he would change it for the worse? This is business as usual at best.

I interview people all the time for jobs at all levels and I cannot think of one job I would hire him for. The only interview I remember that was worse than his was for a psychologist’s position. The candidate kept talking to the invisible person who was apparently seated next to him. Though there was another one for an English teaching position during which the candidate jumped on the table and burst into song.

Chuck Hagel did not have an invisible friend nor did he burst into song, but what he did do is act like he arrived from another planet and didn’t have his multilingual communicator turned on.

Hagel came off as unintelligent and confused. Our terrorist enemies may be confused as well but they seem to be more intelligent.

We cannot have this man representing us. I hope that President Obama sees this reality as well.

Please call Capitol Hill and/or your senators if you disagree with the nomination of Chuck Hagel. You can make a difference and, whether you are on the left or right, if you know the facts, you don’t want this man representing us throughout the world and mostly, you don’t want him representing the military. The military deserves the best.

I laugh when people say it doesn’t matter if Chuck Hagel is appointed to the position because Obama will call the shots no matter who is in the position. It doesn’t matter? Really? Any dope can represent President Obama?

Please call to protest the appointment. Your voice can be heard!

Senate email here
Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121

Information on Hagel here and here.