RNC Put Out an Indoctrination Video on Why They Pick the Nominee, Not Voters



The RNC doesn’t want you to suffer under the rules from the Romney convention so they tweeted this video below to keep you from becoming alarmed. You mustn’t be held to those old rules. Why should you be stuck with the two candidates in the lead for the presidency who people are actually voting for when the RNC can change the rules and select another nominee who we can be beamed in from the establishment. Of course it means Hillary wins but so does the establishment, yay!

The RNC wants to change the rules to get rid of the two final nominees and pick someone they like. The rule they don’t like is the one that states the nominee must have won a minimum 8 states to be considered at the convention.

This has Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over this.

You’ll enjoy the video which tries to make it seem as if this is the normal way to do things and to remind us it’s been done before.

They particularly like to evoke the ghost of Abe Lincoln.

“This all seems a little crazy and unprecedented…haha…”, the average Joe video narrator says, “so you might be wondering if this has ever happened before? “Haha…ABSOLUTELY!”, the narrator says definitively. That’s how we got nominees who went on to be president like Abe Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford, the narrator continued.

That’s how they got rid of nominees also.

There are only two scenarios, the narrator concludes and those are, one, a nominee wins 1237 delegates or two, it’s an open convention. An open convention for these guys is one in which party hacks horse trade in a smoke-free room.

We don’t need a constitution, we have party hacks and that’s in both parties.

They make the point continually that Trump only has a plurality and the majority are not being represented which is true but that doesn’t mean we pick someone who didn’t run or had a meager showing.

Politico’s Mike Allen reported in his Monday newsletter that “top Republicans are becoming increasingly vocal” of the possibility that Ryan winds up with the GOP nomination.

“One of the nation’s best-wired Republicans,” as cited by Allen, gave Ryan a better-than 50% chance of leaving the July convention as the party’s nominee. The source gave a 60% chance of the convention becoming deadlocked. At that time, Allen’s source boldly predicted that Ryan would have a 90% chance of having the delegates turn his way.

Ryan, who’s in Israel, told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Monday that he remains uninterested in the job.

He wasn’t interested in Speaker either.

Beam me up Rove baby!


  1. The only reason they came up with the rule originally was to keep Ron Paul out of the convention. Too many voters wanted Dr Paul as president. He got all those delegates. It would have been embarrassing for the GOP to allow a candidate that was against endless war to speak at the convention. Now they are changing the rule back because they don’t respect republican voters.

    Libertarian convention in the middle of May. Pay attention this year.

  2. Given Karl Rove’s open admission about
    the GOP Establishment (GOPe) now working towards
    dumping all current candidates for a “fresh face,”
    and how the delegate numbers will look at the end of April…

    …the best – and most noble (i.e. “true and principled”) – thing Ted Cruz can do now is
    A) acknowledge that his further participation in this Primary
    is merely as a tool to advance the ends of the GOP Establishment,

    B) drop out and let Donald Trump crush the Democrats.

    But I don’t expect Cruz’s hubris and greed/ambition will allow him to do so.

    This all works to the benefit of the GOPe,
    which is TERRIFIED of Trump
    and is pulling out all the stops to block him.

    Should blocking Trump be successful, the GOPe THEN has the choice, either to:
    1) sweep Cruz to the side and go with some as-of-yet-unannounced GOPe toady “fresh face”
    (which would mean the automatic suicide of the GOP),
    2) finagle a way to hand Cruz the nomination (which would be only a Pyrrhic Victory)
    followed by millions of Democrat and Independent crossover voters
    (plus the Trump supporting GOP Base) walk away from Cruz,
    giving America a President Clinton.

    Option #2 above gives the GOPe the advantage of being able to not only
    save face (and thereby try to retain a chance of viability for the future) by projecting blame
    but also being able to say, “See? A conservative can NEVER win!”

    In either case, with Trump out of the way,
    the GOPe can maintain the Status Quo of control of power
    by having their Democrat elite “relative” Hillary win…

    At this point, the GOPe is utterly schizophrenic,
    trying *anything* to appear fair, all while sabotaging Trump.

    They claim, ”We need a bigger tent,”
    BUT: they only use this as an excuse to move their policies closer to the Socialist Democrats.

    Then they claim, ”We need more conservatives, not radicals like Trump,”
    BUT: they say that, all while sabotaging REAL conservatives like Chris McDaniels, Dave Brat and others.

    They don’t want a “bigger tent.”
    They don’t want more conservatives.

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