RNC Takes an Epic Stand with NBC After a Revolt of the Campaigns


The RNC finally got some gumption and told NBC to take a hike. Perhaps it’s because the majority of Republican candidates rebelled and planned to hold a meeting this weekend to discuss debate schedule changes.

It was orchestrated by Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson but most of the other candidates were expected to join. The only one who was unlikely to join was John Kasich who somehow thought his colleagues being attacked by a viciously partisan CNBC trio was A-Okay.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus suspended the February debate on NBC because of the unfair gotcha questions asked by the panel last week.

It’s one thing if there is a question here-and-there but these were constant, they were harsh, and economic policy questions were barely asked.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus sent an open letter to NBC News chairman Andrew Lack on Friday declaring that they are “suspending the partnership” because the CNBC debate had been conducted “in bad faith.”

“While debates are meant to include tough questions and contrast candidates’ visions and policies for the future of America, CNBC’s moderators engaged in a series of ‘gotcha’ questions, petty and mean-spirited in tone, and designed to embarrass our candidates,” Priebus wrote, echoing the complaints lodged by many candidates.

“What took place Wednesday night was not an attempt to give the American people a greater understanding of our candidates’ policies and ideas,” Priebus added.

Priebus said that while he understood “NBC does not exercise full editorial control over CNBC’s journalistic approach… the network is an arm of your organization, and we need to ensure there is not a repeat performance.”

He’s being too kind.

NBC was scheduled to host a GOP debate February 26 in Houston with both Telemundo and National Review as partners. Telemundo is a Spanish-language broadcaster owned by NBC, and National Review is a conservative publication.

Priebus’ letter said the RNC would ensure that National Review remains part of the debate, but didn’t mention Telemundo.

“We still fully intend to have a debate on that day, and will ensure that National Review remains part of it,” Priebus wrote.

If Jorge Ramos is one of the moderators, they need to dump them too.

NBC said they are disappointed but they will work in good faith to resolve the matter.

Not for nothing but Republicans look like fools setting themselves up with these leftist moderators time-and-again. How would the left like it if we arranged for Hillary to be interviewed by Hannity, Levin and Limbaugh?

Several campaigns will still meet on Sunday and discuss the debates.

Wake up GOP! We are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore. The GOP seems to take their advice from Democrats or are cowed by them. You won’t ever see Hillary being interviewed by partisan right-wingers so why are GOP candidates subjected to abuse?