Robert F Kennedy Jr, A Cliche In The Faux War On Women



Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a big fighter for women in the faux war on women, had more than 43 mistresses and he rated them.

He’s the nephew of the womanizing lion-of-the-senate, the late Ted Kennedy. He’s also the man whose wife killed herself not so long ago.

After his wife, Mary Richardson, pictured below, committed suicide, he and his sister ran a PR campaign painting his late wife as insane.

Kennedy and Richardson

Mary Richardson was depressed and suffered from alcoholism. The couple were going through a nasty divorce when she hanged herself.

Someone got hold of his black book and that’s how we now know more about his womanizing. More than one married woman is in the book, including actress Cheryl Hines who he is currently engaged to (seen below).

Kennedy and Hines

Mary Richardson shared several lists of suspected “other women” with a friend two months before she committed suicide in May 2012 and it is safe to say it was impacting her.

There were so many women in the hijacked black book, some with the same first names, that they had to be distinguished by profession or city.

Several women on the list said they met Kennedy through his environmental work. Kennedy was a big supporter of Hugo Chavez and worked out a fuel for the poor program to promote himself and Chavez.

Kennedy documented his conquests in the book with numbers referring to sexual acts, 10 meaning intercourse. Sixteen had 10s next to them.

In his little book, Kennedy often portrayed himself as a victim – a much-desired victim – saying he was “mugged” by women. In one instance, he wrote that he “narrowly escaped being mugged” by a team of two women.

His soon-to-be wife, who betrayed her former husband, said, “We share the same values. Family first.”

Yes, we can see that!