Robert Fibs on Fox News Sunday


Robert Gibbs appeared on Fox News Sunday today and claimed that the lies told by the administration about the attack on the Libyan Embassy were not lies but responses to an evolving crisis.

While photos of Ambassador Stevens being dragged through the streets were posting on the Internet, while the Libyan president said it was a pre-planned Al-Qaeda attack, Susan Rice, U.N. Ambassador, looked Chris Wallace in the eyes and said that it was a film protest that went awry.

Rice knew at that time that RPG’s were used. She knew there was no protest outside the makeshift embassy.

The warnings against all our embassies and the Libyan Embassy in particular were received by the administration and they had been ignored.

Rice knew all of this, as did we, but still the administration continued with the false narrative and continues still. Apology ads are still running in Pakistan. The ads have been followed by riots against our country. Obama and Clinton provided the fuel.

Did you know that the Pakistani government, to whom we give billions, put a $100,000 hit out on Nakoula Basseley Nkoula, the filmmaker? Obama plans to denounce the filmmaker before the U.N. this week. If Nikoula is murdered, the blood is on this administration’s hands.

People are allegedly not as concerned about the worldwide protests which signal a failed foreign policy as they are about a poorly expressed speech by Mitt Romney, a speech which wasn’t exactly wrong if one looks at the stats.

Though the majority of Americans want to work and can’t find jobs, once people are on entitlements, it can become a part of the psyche, diminishing one’s personal self-regard and one’s desire to pursue individual achievement. That is the danger here – people becoming part of the collective.

Mr. Fibs went on to say he did not have a problem with Obama refusing to meet with world leaders at the U.N. while finding time to appear on The View. He again said it was a handful of extremists, even though tens of thousands are rioting throughout the world. Gibbs feels phone calls are as good as a meeting just as reading Intel is as good as meeting with military advisers.

Obama is counting on Americans being so stupid that they will be more interested in his inane conversations with Whoopi Goldberg than in serious discussions with world leaders as the world burns.

Gibbs raved about the strict sanctions on Iran, which in reality have little meat to them, and have done nothing to stop Iran from building the bomb.

Gibbs thinks Obama is going to reduce taxes as we head for taxmaggedon, an event which will destroy the middle class in this country. Taxing the rich will cover two-tenths of one percent of our budget.

What is Obama’s plan beyond taxing the rich? We heard it from Nancy Pelosi and Obama himself. When he has more flexibility, Obama plans to implement a VAT tax in addition to our income taxes, real estate taxes, local taxes and so on. A VAT tax will pull the kill switch on buying and selling by the middle class.

Best yet was Gibbs effort to portray Romney as having the advantage in the upcoming debates because he recently engaged in 20 primary debates. Obama has not stopped talking in four years and has ample experience. Then there is the added fact that the debate moderators are all in the tank for Obama. I love how Gibbs is positioning Obama as the underdog.

Mr. Fibs earns his name whenever he speaks.

Nancy Pelosi trying to explain how taxing everything every step of the way makes sense:

Obama is not averse to VAT and it is “novel” for us. Don’t you love the euphemism?