ROFLMAO! Mika Did Not Have a Facelift, Just a Chin Tweak!


Mika Brzezinski is being protected by her friends in the Democratic Party and in the media after an aide to Trump Dan Scavino tweeted Joe was crazy and she’s dumb as a rock. Trump followed up a half hour later, mentioning her face lift from which she was bleeding badly.

Scarborough and Mika say it’s a lie! She didn’t have a facelift! No, not at all, she just had skin tweaked under her chin.

Scarborough said that Brzezinski “did have a little skin under her chin tweaked, but this was hardly a state secret.”

WTH! She admits to surgery! That’s the point of this whole pointless exercise!

Okay, so did that include her entire neck? Was it up to her ears? By the way, a chin tuck is considered a facelift by many.

While we don’t really care and applaud anyone who takes care of their appearances, it’s very likely she seems to have done more than a chin tuck. We have to call out the real liars. Look at the first photo which was taken recently and the older one. Check out her eyes, her neck, definitely check out the neck. Quite a difference!

If you look at her forehead in the photo on the right and check out the creases next to her left eyebrow, those are caused by Botox injections in the forehead.

That’s not even the point. The point is she did have surgery and he says she was bleeding. Who cares anyway? The media acts like he gave the launch codes to Vladimir Putin.

Yesterday, the House passed a sanctuary city bill and Kate’s law. They recently passed an important bill to protect whistleblowers at the VA. Trump is dropping regulations and talking trade, he’s meeting with President Moon, but what is on the front page of the NY Times? Trump’s tweets! This is journalistic malpractice.

Barbara Lee is on Fox today telling people Trump is “grotesquely disrespectful” of women. Meanwhile, it is Mika Brzezinski who targets women.

Kellyanne Conway blasted her today

However, Kellyanne Conway pointed to several remarks Brzezinski has made about her in an interview with Daily Caller Friday, including one where she referred to Conway as “politics porn.”

“When Mika said what she has said about me, I have not responded. All those things she’s said about me — ‘politics porn,’ ‘liar,’ ‘nothing honest about Kellyanne Conway’ — I haven’t responded to that, I haven’t shown the texts, I’ve sort of just sucked it up, swallowed it, dealt with the crying kids about it.”

“This whole idea that she’s some victim of sexism is really rich just for any woman who works here,” she continued.

An undercover tape has a CNN producer saying she “looks like she was hit with a shovel” and calling her an “awful woman.” That’s not sexist? What’s his basis for saying that? He disagrees with her?

Listen to what this nasty Mika said in a few minutes. This is okay? He can’t say anything?



  1. The media has promulgated the narrative that victimhood is a virtue, whether valid or not, and has been given celebrity status. Since that has worked So well for the recipients of this narrative it should be no surprise that these same media “celebrities” strive to apply it to themselves. Since people respond so well to a sympathetic narrative it has and will continue to work to their benefit.

    There are definitive examples every day where the celebrities have been applying it. About the only extent they haven’t reached is ‘crying’ on air, although Griffin DID use that tactic, no doubt for a sympathetic reaction.

    This sympathetic desire by media personalities has crossed into the absurd when a reporter ‘complains’ they are not given the opportunity to ask a question. They have to categorize it as undemocratic and even to the absurdity of a violation of the First Amendment. OR, even more absurd, an “attack” on that First Amendment.

    I have noticed these same media types Seem to envision the First Amendment is ONLY about them and that “freedom of the press” is the Only item mentioned. This is Most obvious when the voice of conservative protestors aren’t given the same consideration as others.

  2. Botox alters cognition. Stupid people don’t read about the treatments they receive.

    They will use anything to distract from the issues. The media and establishment are using any tool they can to discredit Trump.

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