Roger Goodell Praises Players’ Disrespectful Actions During the National Anthem


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has condoned Black Lives Matter, a domestic terror group, and inappropriate behavior from one high-profile player but has forbidden the Dallas Cowboys from wearing helmet decals honoring the 5 police officers assassinated in July.

The NFL is threatening to fine a Titans player for wearing cleats that honor the victims of 9/11.

Two police unions were so outraged that they offered to pay the athlete’s fine if he wears them despite the NFL’s request for him to wear uniform sneakers, the Palm Post reported.

Goodell praised the disrespectful action by Colin Kaepernick in an interview with Matt Lauer. He’s supportive of Kepernick speaking out about our imperfect society and “they have rights”.

Fine, why don’t the Dallas Cowboys and Titans player have rights?

In the next video, Goodell pretends it’s important to have respect for the country while condoning the disrespect. He tried to claim they are a patriotic league. You can’t have it both ways.

Some would say he politicized what used to be entertainment and encouraged a false and dangerous narrative. He has in the past come out in support of the violent hate group Black Lives Matter.

The players’ anger is based on lies and it’s getting sickening.


  1. Roger Goodell is an idiot and needs to be replaced. There is no place in the NFL. For this display of disrespect

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